Izetta: The Last Witch – Episode 6: On a Quiet Day


Izetta has not failed to deliver so far, and the intrigue is starting to match that of a military/political thriller. But let’s be fair, it can be written as such. I wonder if the source material has been licensed and translated to English. I’m already starting to collect the source material for Black Bullet as well as Log Horizon, I might as well add another one.

Episode Summary:

Running back to camp, Jonas inadvertently tells Berkman’s spy that he knows something. Back at Landsburg, Izetta is discovered by Lotte to be weeding the rose garden in the Archduchess’ castle. It seems she has been doing this throughout her stay. She explains to Finé and the others that she feels uncomfortable not being able to do anything around the castle. Izetta also can’t believe her stature as the greatest enemy and living legend to be true, as if it were a dream. Stating that she doesn’t have any plans that day, Elvira snatches the entourage.

Fitting Izetta into a corset and then into one of Finé’s dresses, the size of her bust (and that of Elvira and Bianca) leads to Finé to compare bust sizes to her own, hiding under the pretense of how a small country can fight off a larger one. Modifying their plans, they tie a cloth around her waist and Elvira starts to teach Izetta on courtly graces. When Izetta states she doesn’t feel confident, Elvira responds that is why they’re having the lessons.

Coercing Bianca with the threat of having Major Hans or Sieg act as the lead in dancing lessons with Finé, the lessons go as swimmingly for two novices as Elvira gets a bonus on seeing her girls perform for her.

Over some tea, they plan to have more fun later before the issue of wartime shortages comes up through the talk of pie. Having rationed sugar, the imported tea they’re having seems to have lost a bit of luster without a pairing of sweet pastries, but Lotte informs that a famous baker is creating pies. Not realizing how they managed to make an exemption, Bianca informs Finé that her redistribution of the castle’s stores to celebrate her coronation was how the baker had managed to come across the sugar needed for the pies.

Obsessing over the pies, she realizes her blunder and tries to show she’s a proper ruler that dares not inconveniences the bakery and her attendants and not just a sweets-smitten girl even if Bianca and Lotte know better. Izetta now knows what she wants to do later that day.

Elsewhere, Sieg traces the photo back to Jonas (last name Gallea, rank of Private), Sieg seems to be using an unsavory character named Koontz to track and ascertain Jonas’ threat to the ruse. A person Elvira seems to not approve of. When Elvira admonishes him, he states that they’ve turned a young witch into a legendary messiah and dumped her in a modern war. They are walking a tightrope and he is willing to do anything to walk it and keep Eylstadt safe.

Back at Neue Berlin, Rickert is showing Bassler the Imperial Technology Center, to which four percent of the Imperial budget is funneled into and the end result is the overwhelming technological advantage Germania has. Noting that the Special Unit is in good terms with a leading design section of the ITC, Rickert notes that obtaining new technologies is part of their job.

Bassler sums it up perfectly, that they spy, do dirty work, and chase after weird occult stuff. Rickert agrees, but states now he’s part of it. When asked why he works for the Special Unit rather than awaiting the day he inherits his noble title, Rickert explains that he wants to prove he can succeed without it. Impressing Berkman, he is led to a hangar where his new ride, an experimental four-bladed, inverted gull-wing plane with an in-line engine and weaponry on the propeller shaft and wingroots excites Bassler to the point that Rickert asks who the kid really is.

In Berkman’s meeting with the ITC’s director, he explains that the battle of Veila Pass seems a bit off more and more that he analyzes it, and requests to be able to access Workshop 9. The ITC director can’t refuse him due to written orders from the Emperor himself. He also wants to know why she and her people also seems to hold a lot of stock on the existence of witches.

Bringing him to Workshop 9, she tells him that it happens to be the Emperor’s little playground and nothing must be taken or said to on the outside. Berkman agrees, intending not to die early, and the look on his face upon seeing the contents within.

Back at Landsburg, Izetta, Finé, Lotte, and Bianca are treated to the famous kirsch pie of the bakery. Bianca is a little apprehensive on how good their disguises are, though Finé believes it to be perfect. Something she realizes wasn’t when the café owners thank her for visiting their humble café in the middle of her first bite. Bianca breaks her pretense, telling her that the Royal Guard and the café owners have been in collusion the whole time, especially when she goes sneaking out to do so.

When explained that they never bothered to try to stop her, Finé shouts in annoyance, knocking her pie off the table. Izetta manages to save it at the expense of exposing herself, and Finé. As other guards rush in upon hearing the turmoil, it seems it’s just Finé and Izetta explaining themselves. She’s been coming to the café in secret, and launches into a speech that while they’re undergoing some hardships at the moment, with Izetta by her side, they’ll make it so that they can eat such delicacies everyday again.

Back at the palace, they apologize to Sieg, who doesn’t really admonish them. While it’s great that she kept her tomboy image after becoming the Archduchess, they can’t afford to now. Moving on, Sieg asks if she’s willing to send him to Britannia, to a conference of allied powers to discuss the Empire’s new offensives and of the witch. With the United States of Atlanta having a representative in the conference, they can spur the allies to making a second front.

Since the conference is mainly for them to discuss about Izetta, she offers herself and Izetta to go instead. Sieg answers a call while Finé makes her case. The news Sieg receives shocks him, but downplays it to everyone else. He agrees, but states he will be very particular on their routes.

Packing her new broom with provisions, they’re in the mountains and above one of the leylines, as Izetta has stated that she’s taken this route before and leaves with confidence. Elsewhere, the Germanian spy brings Jonas to a secluded spot and asks what he knows, shooting him in the femoral artery and threatening his family. He is chased off by Sieg and Koontz. Sieg stays behind to Jonas and asks if he’s willing to do anything to protect Eylstadt, to which Jonas says he will. Sieg kills Jonas with his answer to keep the secret safe.

Episode Thoughts:

So first off, Sieg fits his role as Eylstadt’s spymaster. I can only imagine him matching wits with Berkman now. Though unsure if Rickert will be the one to face off with Elvira in a potential meet. Most likely itll be Rickert and Bianca. In the same way Izetta is fated to face off against Bassler, I can only see how far Berkman will penetrate Sieg’s defenses and what sort of defenses Sieg has for that.

Bassler’s new ride seems to be an up-powered Heinkel He 112. Nothing else I’ve fund seems to fit the profile, and two other friends of mine in a Skype group seems to agree, though one pointed out the real world He 112 is a two-bladed plane. It has to be a significant increase in power to be able to use a four-bladed propeller.

I suggested that the plane might be utilizing a captured or reverse engineered Merlin engine. It makes sense considering that Berkman’s outfit seems to be more of a wetworks kind of spy unit, a toned down yet enhanced retelling of the occultism inherent in Nazi Germany’s Ahnenerbe with a bit of a special direct action unit. The fact that the Imperial Technology Center also buys or captures foreign technology and has everything come together in one roof would help. So with such a possible spy ring where it can even delve into the occult, and with a technical base that does the same (alluding to Warehouse 9), it’s quite entirely possible that the designs for the Merlin engine might’ve been taken.

I believe there are other engines from the real world Nazi Germany that can handle fitting a four-bladed propeller, but if they ever show Bassler having fun or doing an internal monologue while playing his new steed, it would be nice if he would confirm the engine was stolen from Britannia. One thing that has gotten my more military-minded friends up in a tizzy would be the rare prototypes that were featured, from the Horten Ho 229 and other prototype vehicles.

Onto Finé and Izetta. I thought Finé had no real grounds to berate Izetta’s unease in doing what she isn’t supposed to do, when she herself was sneaking out to eat pastries at a café/bakery. It actually enhances the PR image and her speech in the end helped with that.

Jonas though is a bit of a tragic character here. Introduced at the Battle of Coenenberg, he has fulfilled his duty to his nation to the end, up to meeting his end in the hands of his own nation’s spy master. A bit of a pity, but with Sieg’s motivations, it’s quite understandable.

I can’t wait for next episode, Bassler might make an appearance chasing after them.

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2 Responses to Izetta: The Last Witch – Episode 6: On a Quiet Day

  1. Killing off Jonas was dumb. Stupid. Idiotic.Also, a war crime — against someone on his own side! Ptui.

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