Brave Witches Episode 7: On a Holy Night

With winter now slowly setting over the Petersburg base, life gets a bit more drastic as the events of the past few sorties make their full effect on the 502nd known. That and Krupinski keeps getting into situations that any sane woman would avoid. Now that this post is done, off to clearing the KanColle Fall 2016 Event’s E-2 on Medium (yeah I’m a wuss).


Episode Summary:

While playing on the now frozen Neva River, Hikari comes down with a fever due to a possible combination of exhaustion and the cold (while Nipa and Naoe fall in due to thin ice). Discussing how she came down to it, with her low magic reserves and constant sorties, the natural resistance a witch has ton injury and illness didn’t take hold with Hikari. Not entirely enjoying their meal at the same time, they come to grips with their current situation.

The base also has low supplies due to the recent Neuroi attacks on their warehouses and with no help available from Soumous and Fuso either due to the route being cut off, or the fact Soumous forces are just as equally drastic. With this in mind, it is of the opinion of the squadron command to cancel the annual Saturnus Festival.

Naoe knows Nipa intended to use the festival to cheer up Hikari, but without any supplies, they can’t. Visiting her, they explain what happened and Hikari tries to blame herself. Nipa won’t have any of it and Naoe forces her to rest (before getting sneezed on). After that, Nipa, with some agreement from Naoe, decide to hold the festival even without official approval, and rope others into it. Sasha comes up with the idea of gifts while Georgette and Sadako think of ways to come up with a meal. Though when discussing what else they could do, they decide to see what Krupinski can offer in advice.

Her advice was actually recounting the story of a fox woman, who is of middling height and lies about her age, and comes at the eve of the Petersburg base’s Saturnus festival to suck the blood of the younger witches. No doubt a riff on Roßmann, it scares Nipa and Naoe, only to get her comeuppance when Roßmann punishes her for the rumor she’s spreading about her.

While making presents, Hikari stumbles into them and before they can truly get her away, Krupinski comes back with a massive Fir tree, revealing the secret, but not before Hikari collapses from exhaustion again. Back at bed, Nipa explains why they’re celebrating it. That it was one way that she got to fit in with the 502nd JFW, and mad her realize they were much like the comrades she left behind in Soumous.

After explaining to Hikari, she finds the base in a state of hysterics, as the mushrooms Waltrud and Edytha picked were actually variants of Gymnopilus junonius, the laughing mushroom, and were reacting to the psychoactive properties of the mushroom. Made worse with the appearance of Neuroi, Nipa is the only one able to sortie (Gundala Rall managing to keep from laughing until after informing Nipa of the threat over the intercom).

Engaging the Neuroi, it disappears though Hikari can still see it. Realizing it can camoflauge only the top of its hull, she attacks from below but her (normally super reliable) MG-42 locks up with a weapons malfunction. Bemoaning her bad luck, the Neuroi is destroyed though by the timely appearance of Flight Sergeant Nikka E. Katajainen and Flight Officer Sanya V. Litvyak of the 501st, who were escorting an NKL-16 Aerosan transport variant loaded with supplies. Even though Soumous itself is in a bad shape, Eila and other Soumous witches pooled their resources together to provide a small bit of relief to the beleaguered 502nd.

Realizing that with the supplies brought over by the two 501st members meant they could continue with the Saturnus festival, they do so, and everyone is having a good time (minus Krupinski). Hikari is given her gift of a Orussian matryoshka doll, and when finally getting to the center, comes across Naoe’s ‘piggy’ (really a dog but woodworking isn’t exactly Naoe’s forte). Krupinski is in trouble for the mushrooms she picked, and is further punished when Rall decides to shake up the champagne she sought out in the supplies, thus rendering the expensive beverage into nothing but a bubble shower.

Overseeing this, Elia notes that her fears that Nipa wouldn’t be fitting in with the 502nd were unfounded, as she watches a relaxed and laughing Nipa enjoying herself with her new squadron.

Episode Thoughts:

I have much to fear from the Neuroi of Silverlink’s Brave Witches. It is showing a growing trend of adaptation to fight humanity’s trump cards in the form of the witches. How much of this was due to the Warlock program or if the program is in response to changing Neuroi tactics is unknown. But with the semi-camouflaged Neuroi making a brief appearance in the end of the episode, it’s a bit worrying.

Last week’s episode of a camo’d spotter and burrowing artillery piece just shows that once relegated to being instantly destroyed in the show (or being crushed by the iron bottoms of Karlsland), the Neuroi has earned their reputation of horrible monsters in Brave Witches. Though there is still some oddities, like the electric fan Neuroi.

Something that was interesting was actually about a witches’ magical power protecting them from harm and illness. This seems to apply for everyone, and doesn’t need to be a witch with healing magic. Probably why Nipa and Naoe survived being dumped into the river and coming out quite fine with just a trip to the sauna, while Hikari collapsed from a fever by being out in the cold with nothing but her underwear and summer uniform.

And possibly why they could eat such inedible mushrooms with a strong psychoactive drug and come out with merely the hysterics for a little bit of time. Though I could just be describing the actual effects of eating a laughing mushroom. I wouldn’t know, I normally eat mushrooms when bought at a store.

Overall, it was a fun filler, and the best bit for me was actually Krupinski’s mouth getting the best of her twice. I am looking forward to next comiket, where I hope there would be a rash of R18 doujinshi featuring the fake countess and the taskmaster. If that scene in episode where Roßmann attacks the rumor spreading Krupinski isn’t enough to enflame the imaginations and call forth the muses of doujinshi artists in Japan, I would be terribly disappointed. I look forward to the Krupinski-centered episode next week.

Also, this was a great way to introduce a cameo, since there already was a connection between Eila, Sanya, and Nipa, it was only a matter of time before they got to show up, and of course, they’re saving her butt. Them being in Santa outfits is nice, considering they were escorting a ‘sleigh’ full of supplies.

And one last thing, Nipa has done something that I personally thought would never happen. She managed to make an MG42 jam. She broke not a striker unit, but one of the finest general purpose machine guns in the world. And Nipa broke it.

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