Izetta: The Last Witch – Episode 9: The Sellun Corridor Burns


As I rest up for my eventual runs to clear E-4 for Kantai Collection’s Fall 2016 event, decided to toss this blog post out to calm my nerves. Realizing that I might not have the time (in reality, patience) to face plant on a map folks I know have said is got to be the hardest of the event, I’m going to do it on medium.

Anyways, on to Izetta.


Episode Summary:

Somewhere in Europe, resistance fighters attack a train with an armored car attachment. Realizing they might’ve bitten off more than they can chew, all hope seems lost until Izetta arrives and gives them the heavy muscle to tip the odds in their favor. Coupled with the photo-op taken after the operation, Elvira and Finé are enjoying the news even as Izetta is still embarrassed over it. With her actions being spread throughout the world, it seems all this attention has been fraying her nerves.

It has been three months since their return from Britannia, and in the intervening time the Germanian Empire hasn’t invaded at all. Elsewhere, Bianca gives her report over the infiltration of the old castle as well as Sieg explaining the world events as they stood. But Sieg points out the saying about the calm before the storm, and wants to be careful.

Asking how they might’ve found the witch’s hall, Bianca had asked Izetta and she told her that they took a sample of her blood. Coupled with her revelation to the world, old fairy tales must’ve been looked at more closely and information gleaned from that reexamination. With that though, Sieg asks again if Bianca is sure those who had seen that room is dead, to which she responds yes. She almost asks about the true legend that Rickert tells her, but stops herself and excuses herself from him.

Elsewhere, in Germanian lines, the silver-haired maiden from last episode picks flowers while singing a song about the White Witch. Back at Landsbruck, Hans reports to General Schneider that Germanian forces are amassing at Lake Rudel and is utilizing a new weapon. Similar in design to a thought-experiment that Eylstadtian weapons manufacturers had concocted to fight Izetta, they seem to be amassing several units in their forces. Though they too have been busy, developing weapons to suit Izetta’s needs taken from combat data when she utilized the specialized lances and torpedoes.

With such a challenge laid before them, they have no choice but to seize the initiative and fight. Later that evening, Finé joins Izetta in viewing the city, telling her that if they win the fight, there is a chance that Germania will ask for a ceasefire from the Allies. Such an acceptance will just delay things, and she asks if she can still forgive her since it won’t be the peace she promised. Izetta answers that regardless of the promise she kept, she now wants to protect the people of Eylstadt herself, and so she’ll fight since it’s the first step to the future they want.

Back at Coenenberg, the Coenenberg commander notes that they hold the front and had mined the lake, and would most likely attack from the eastern end of the lake. While it is possible they’re using this to lure Izetta into their territory, Hans and Izetta consider using their aerial torpedoes, which are 250kg bombs with wings guided by Izetta.

Just then, a report comes in that they’re under attack, but actually at the Sellun Corridor in Eylstadt eastern border. With that, Izetta is actually on-board a plane to the corridor, with her new weapons in tow. With the strong concentration of power in the corridor, Izetta’s victory is assured.

Arriving at the battlefield, she sends a bomb towards the Germanian lines but it’s intercepted by a lance. Approaching Izetta, the girl from before introduces herself as Sophie, once known as the White Witch, and tells Izetta to stop this. Back in the rear lines, Berkman smiles as his plans unfold.

It seemed that three months prior to the battle, upon gaining entry into Warehouse 9, a clone was being created there and the technology center’s commander explained that they discovered the whereabouts of the White Witch’s burial place and the truth of her legend. Obtaining a sample of her body, they created a clone of the White Witch, but she had no power or will, but reacted to the magical blood Izetta had. It was due to her reaction to Izetta’s blood that he risked going to Lord Redford’s party for her to drink some of her blood.

Presenting these gifts to Emperor Otto (alongside the picture and the gem), he congratulates Berkman and also gives his appreciation to Rickert’s father for his sacrifice. Elliot, the Emperor’s blind advisor, cautions that such a power can’t be truly controlled, though Berkman explains they have her tightly on a leash.

Berkman is tasked with the first operation with Sophie, which leads them to the skies over Eastern Eylstadt. Sophie asks her to stop, reminding her of her fate after intervening in a human war, though Izetta refuses, remembering her promise. With that, Sophie attacks, intending to kill, all the while sprouting that Izetta is merely being used by her beloved Archduchess.

The two joust, with Sophie eventually leading her over Germanian lines. Utilizing the gem embedded into her staff, she cuts Izetta’s connection to the leylines and captures her. Taking out her anger on her past life at the betrayal of Eylstadt, the Germanian forces overrun the defenses as Sophie guides V-1 Flying Bombs into targets. Back at Landsbruck, the news of her defeat reaches Finé before the same V-1 bombs destroy the Landsbruck AA defenses. A V-1 hits the Archduchess’ palace while paratroopers occupy the city, all the while a defeated Izetta is photographed and filmed for the world to see.

Two hours later, the capital falls.

Episode Thoughts:

If I felt last episode was in need of some stretching, today’s episode was just as in need of it as well. The fight Izetta had with Sophie was shorter than even the battle at Coenenberg. A second episode explaining her origins could’ve helped as well. All of it detailing Sophie’s trump card with the gem, as well as her past life’s memories and grudges, even if they kept the same length of fight, an episode devoted to her origins, her creation, and her eventual mastery of magic would’ve set the stage for a more dramatic one provided they also swapped between her origin story and Izetta’s growing public figure. In fact, doing so will only agitate Sophie more.

But for all things considered, this was not bad. And much like how Finé was saying this just delays the inevitable, Izetta was the same. Sophie would’ve been revived regardless if Izetta had been awakened or not, but with their meddling, she now has the power over the leylines and a map of it. She also holds a grudge several centuries old against Eylstadt for their betrayal, and it seems such a time of reckoning has come due for Eylstadt.

On something lighter, it seems that Eylstadt has been using their newfound trump card in every manner they can. From shooting photo-ops with partisans to furthering the myth of the White Witch reborn via comic books, Izetta is given some rather impressive tools of the job. Starting off with specialized lances that seem to have an internal explosive filler while at the same time being reinforced to be able to pierce the armor of Panzer IV tanks and similar armoured vehicles, to flying bombs. They even return her gun’s semi-automatic functionality while adding a drum magazine to it.

In the same vein, Sophie’s toys have the benefit of having a fully mobilized industry on her side, and while Izetta’s upgrades are nothing to sneeze at, being able to control V-1 Rockets to their targets is scary.The worse part of all this is the clearly-futuristic cloning chamber. Hell, we just stepped out of cloning sheep, while human cloning may take off within the next century, I doubt they had the scale possible in the 1940s. Even for such a setting, it’s really far-fetched but as Sumeragi says, it was needed to advance the story.

The unknown fate of Finé and her cabinet after the strike at the palace, with the banner of the Germanian Empire above it, leads me to think at the very least, General Schneider is dead.

Bianca and her royal guards are either partisans now, or POWs, and I cannot imagine they’d be treated with courtesy. I half expect them to be paraded before Izetta before being executed, while Finé is locked up as her country lies in ruins.

There is no happy ending in sight for this fairy tale, and it seems with the Germanians having a witch of their own and Eylstadt neutralized, the Allies have been tossed into a defensive footing that not even the entry of the United States might get them out. This will be a very tense couple of episodes with a possibility of a world on fire in the end. In all, this was an anime that would’ve benefited from a two-cour or even a cour-and-a-half kind of offering. 12 episodes to really explain the universe and get anything meaningful done is too short, while a full 24 would’ve allowed for the whole story to progress as it should’ve been. I don’t know of any supplementary materials out for Izetta, but it really needs some.

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2 Responses to Izetta: The Last Witch – Episode 9: The Sellun Corridor Burns

  1. Karandi says:

    Sophie’s character definitely needs some fleshing out beyond wanting revenge for past wrongs. However, they are just rushing past the details and pushing us forward. At least they are back to focussing on the war rather than Fine and Izetta’s friendship.

    • Yep, like how much of Sophie is really her past life, or what was implanted onto her by Berkman and the other Germanian scientists?

      As for the war, I’m not too sure it’s good anymore, the ability to guide V-1s just gave the Germanians oodles of low-tech, high-magic Tomahawk cruise missiles.

      So if anything, it’ll be about Izetta and Finé again, and how their friendship will let them survive this.

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