Izetta: The Last Witch Episode 11


Sickness, it seems, is not done with me yet. Currently dealing with a cold with chills, so my thoughts on the whole thing is going to be very short. It’s the penultimate episode of the series, and my review of episode 12 next week will be delayed due to a family outing.

Episode Summary:

Back at the bunker, Müller recounts the story of Sophie’s betrayal. Back at the old Capital, Berkman is shown Rickert’s grave, though he is surrounded by Germanian SS troopers. They discover where Finé is hiding, and storm the bunker, killing many inside.

Berkman is allowed to accompany them if only to make his execution easier. After executing two soldiers to force Finé out, she surrenders. The sadistic man wanted to toy with her more but her willingness to give up only infuriates him. Izetta shows up and rescues the remaining Eylstadtians.

Berkman, having survived the initial attack, confronts the SS officer, who admits a kill order has been placed on his head. Killing the SS officer, he surrenders to Finé and the remaining Eylstadtians. He is amazed at Izetta’s use of the stone, due to its high cost, which shocks Finé.

Later, at another hideaway, Müller interrogates Berkman, who offers a trade. Berkman gives him microfiche showing off the witch-created 20 kT bomb and its delivery vehicle, as well as the plan for its unveiling. The missile will be used to destroy Landsbruck while at the same time, a conference will be held to scare the other powers into surrendering unconditionally. Berkman had remarked that the two of them are the same, but whereas Berkman only looks out for his own skin, Müller’s overriding underhandedness is primarily due to protecting his nation.

Informing the rest of the surviving cabinet of the information, Finé though seems gloom, having remarked that it was her meddling with using a witch’s power for war that caused all this. She intends to completely surrender, before Izetta slaps some sense into her, and calls her finally by her name rather than her title. This snaps Finé out of her depressive streak.

With Berkman’s help, they intend to halt the launch of the missile while also delaying the peace talks. With time in a limited supply, they intend to leave the next day to make it to the conference. Later that night, Finé is taken by Izetta to the mountain top nearby, to which the two reaffirm their friendship, and with Izetta finally being comfortable to calling Finé by her name and not her title.

Later, as the participants of the conference start to arrive, Berkman, Müller, Bianca, and Finé arrive by car, though Berkman is under constant watch by Bianca. She has no intentions of letting her guard down near him. Roughly at the same time, Izetta launches from the forest manor, her old steed roughed up much like she is, but she still goes, accompanied by eight modified cavalry lances.

Back with Berkman’s group, they come across the last checkpoint when Bassler appears and tears up Müller’s paperwork, pointing out his disappointment at Berkman’s betrayal. At the airspace above the launch site, Izetta is greeted by a whole host of AA tanks, squadrons of Germanian fighters, and Sophie, who has been waiting for her.

Episode Thoughts:

Well, Berkman’s fall from grace is a thing now. It came so far that one had to read in-between the lines to really see it. Once again a victim of the 12 episode run, something as big and important as Berkman’s turncoat ways has to be compressed into a few minutes of exposition.

The same goes for Finé and her change of heart. She has been dejected since the fall of her capital in-universe for nearly a month and a few days, and Izetta had just recently awoken. She had all that time to brood over the failure of her government and her decisions and all it needed was for Izetta to slap her across the face and call her by her name.

I think both could’ve gone further. With Berkman, it could’ve shown in previous episodes, the seeds of doubt and the eventual notice that he was being disposed of. For Finé, it could’ve been a long drawn out talk between the two of them that leads to Finé getting her balls again. We already had one potential character arc gone (Rickert and Bianca) and another that seems to have been thoroughly forgotten (Bassler), we can only look forward now to whatever grand finale of a fight between the descendant and the clone of the White Witch.

The series would’ve benefited from a longer run, even if by a few episodes. It isn’t a bad series overall, but restricted to 12 episodes with such a great amount of loose ends being trimmed so haphazardly near the end leaves a feeling that some substance was lacking. It was like, if I had ordered a steak medium-rare, but it came out medium. I personally would still enjoy the fruits of the cook’s labor but it wasn’t exactly what I expected.

Not too long today, I spent several sleeping breaks between paragraphs, I really need to rest.

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3 Responses to Izetta: The Last Witch Episode 11

  1. Karandi says:

    While I didn’t mind this episode the series as a whole has been pretty disappointing. It has all the elements to be good and yet has continued to be plagued by pacing and character issues.

    • I think a proper two-cour run would’ve done the series justice. I think a better example of a rushed series that managed to hit all the good points and not leave things lacking was Madan no Ou to Vanadis. Lots of stuff from the light novel I was told was taken out, but what was left behind in the adaptation was enough to leave a satisfying series.

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