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Quick Thought: Youjo Senki Weapons Mix (Vol. 1?)

When your obsession with how well some minor tidbit of setting overtakes your thought process when you try to sleep. I have no clue if I will do more of these (hence the question mark) but Youjo Senki’s universe has … Continue reading

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Quick Thought – Convention Staffing, Dragons, NEET Angels, & Evil Lolis

It has been a few weeks since I last posted something on here, and quite a few things happened since then. I am expecting to write about my laptop replacement that should be in my hands by Monday, if not … Continue reading

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Status Update – February 2017

I know I haven’t blogged anything, giving myself a bit of a breather as I pursue other things outside of blogging. Youjo Senki might be talked about in a Quick Thought once episode 6 comes out, same goes for Miss … Continue reading

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