Late Quick Thought: Sakura Matsuri DC and Kimi no Na wa

A few days ago I managed to make a quick visit to the Sakura Matsuri being held at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard. The highlight of the afternoon though was getting to see the North American theatrical premier of Kimi no Na wa. Overall it was a pretty good day.

Artist Unknown, found on Danbooru.

The Sakura Matsuri was held once again in the common area of the D.C. Navy Yard. With booths lining the walkway and parking lot, the crowd was full of otaku and normal people visiting the various vendors and organizations. I ran into Collectors Anime, an anime store who I’ve more or less come to all the time in conventions and events. After catching up with their staff, made my way down to the Martial Arts stage and saw a quick demonstration of a staff versus a sword. After that, I spent most of my time with the Virginia Kyudo Renmei. The wind at this time was quite high, and the tarp had to be removed so part of their motions was modified since they couldn’t kneel to notch the arrows. A gentleman stayed by our growing gaggle of attendees as the three archers took their shots.

At this point, two people in Samurai armor came up. Staff from the vendor Ohio Kimono, they had special ordered their armor from Iron Mountain Armory. The one in red had his made from 12 and 14 gauge steel, while the one in gold had his done in 18 gauge. Both weighed approximately 60 pounds, and they got permission by the kyudo group to pose with one of the authentic bows.

After this, with my time running down, I buggered off to the food stalls to get something to eat. While not exactly Japanese, I came away with a food container full of Thai Iced Tea and a chicken kebab with fried rice. This filled me up until later. While waiting, there was a sort of sword fight kind of performance in the nearby stage, which also explained why the line was longer than usual, since it was a line feeding to three food vendors due to the crowd around the stage.

Before I left, I did one last look at the Ohio Kimono booth, and really, those guys in the armor was damn popular, posing with attendees and sometimes doing something funny with them.

After getting back from D.C., I met up with my sister to watch Kimi no Na wa at the Angelika Mosiac theatres. A quick meal beforehand and my sister grabbing some candy at the nearby Target and we went in to watch.

It was just as magical as I remembered it from my flight, and better since I wasn’t watching it on a small seat-back screen on a 777 or a 787. My sister did fall asleep, but that seems to be the norm for both her and my mom, but was up for most of it.

And that was just a quick thought of what I did the past weekend. Other things prevented me from really writing this the day after. Hopefully I’ll get a Three Episode Rule for this season by next week with the shows I plan to be watching. Oh, and the only picture of cosplayers I took at the festival:


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6 Responses to Late Quick Thought: Sakura Matsuri DC and Kimi no Na wa

  1. Great to hear you enjoyed Your Name a second time 🙂 I’m still waiting for the BDs to come out so I can do a proper talk on it. It’s the major caveat of my particular approach, but in previous years, unsavoury folk have accused me of not having actually seen the movie for reviews where I have no screenshots. My hands are tied with respect to getting a post out, since I can’t until I have screenshots, even though the review itself is done and sitting at 12000 words (including figure captions).

    This is in part why I’ve been putting out so many gaming posts of late and are strongly considering Battlefield 1: Premium – I’m doing everything I can to keep busy outside of work so frustration about the bollocks release pattern doesn’t set in.

    • Well, not exactly a second time. Apart from Shin Godzilla, all I watched on my flight last November was your name. since it was the featured film aboard ANA flights for that month.

      And yeah, I’m really wondering if I should bite the bullet and get Premium. I don’t have many friends to do Premium Friends with.

      • I’m going for it, since the Russian snow maps in In the name of the Tsar will allow me to play “Brave Witches in Frostbite Engine”, and now that I’m getting close to unlocking the Kolibri. I’m surprised at just how effective the SMLE Mk.III Marksman is 🙂

        On another note, have you seen the Hai-Furi OVA yet? (Be warned, spoilers abound at the linked article)

      • No I have not. I need to, alongside the…five shows I have two episodes on so I can give at the very least a TER post next week.

        And we really should meet up in-game sometime. I tend to play Medic or Support. I can’t snipe worth a damn though.

      • Keeping up with shows is an increasing challenge for me, since I come home and are too tired to want to do more than lie down and laze around after work. I think three shows a season might be my upper limit: I’m actively watching Saekano♭ and Sakura Trick right now, with a few other shows on my radar.

        Meeting up in Battlefield 1 would be fantastic 🙂 I don’t have a mic, and normally just follow a play style that computer scientists would called “role-based agents”: I do what I feel the team needs. It’s always nice to be a medic or support, but if I need to kill vehicles, it’s off to the assault class for me. With that being said, sniping is stupidly fun, and sometimes, I feel a little filthy for not helping my team out with revives: I try to offset it by playing more aggressively, using the spotting flares and SMLE to be effective at closer ranges.

  2. WasteWalker says:

    Thanks for sharing the pics of our guys in the armor! Hope you had fun at the festival. You can find our schedule of upcoming events at

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