Quick Thought: Not Exactly Midpoint – Spring 2017 Thoughts

Reisen on a Computer, drawn by itsutsuki on pixiv.

So, I intended to make this post on the actual mid-way point for the shows that managed to keep me interested, but as one could see, it didn’t go as well. With personal matters and just plain lethargy over the current titles seeping in, I needed some time away from things. I’m not as prolific as Infinite Zenith is in coming out with content, but I hope the few things I do, some people find some enjoyment out of it.

And now to just quickly go through these shows.

Grandblue Fantasy: The Animation

Quickly? I know it’s following the game’s story closely. Some small things that aren’t terribly important are explained in the game, but one doesn’t need to play the game to understand. The show itself is visually appealing and while the characters aren’t as over the top or deep as some shows, I as a viewer am more willing to sympathize with them. Except for Vyrn. Damn lizard. The show seems to be ending at the chapter I just recently finished (yeah I’m slow) and did nice by doing a filler episode that didn’t really feel like one featuring two characters that one could obtain in-game.

Overall, I was aware this would be the show that I would stick with. It’s a nice fantasy series from a game with a decent plot, and it keeps me mildly interested.


Eromanga Sensei

I will admit, now, that I have not watched what some have called the ‘precursor’ to this series, Oreimo (short for Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai). So I’m missing out no doubt on the significance of this series when fans of the first one keep bleating on about it. The show is interesting, especially when there’s this dawning realization to the main character that he’s getting caught in the middle of a love vortex. The theme of the show is interesting, though I doubt that actual publishing in Japan is filled with such cha- Well, considering the force of personalities in just the SF/F field here at home, I can see it.

There are times where I had to pause things just to go ‘whut’ or to laugh as heartily as I can because something just turned, and it is a bit of an engrossing slice of life. I can see why some people did recommend it to me.


Alice to Zouroku

After the action packed first arc, I think the show is slowly settling down to explore Sana’s daily life with Zouroku. I honestly loved the fight between Minnie C and Shizuku, and Minnie C to me is a villain I can understand, though still pretty deplorable. I imagine we’d see a bit more of the other baddies, especially the other children with powers. It would be a shame to constantly show them around while the arc was playing out and suddenly have them drop off.

So we’ll see. It’s not as high priority for me to watch as some of the shows, but it’s like a slow burning matchcord, it’s keeping my interest and Sana’s cute antics in trying to come to grips with her newfound life is funny.


Frame Arms Girls

A thirty minute commercial for a toy line. That’s what I said about it. And also damn entertaining. There have been times where I wanted to thwack the main character for her ineptitude. Then again, even with help, she’s built more models than I have. I made like…four and they’re all roughly put together things using regular tools and not hobbyist tools and I kinda am ashamed yet proud of em.

Two shorts per week is enough to amuse me for nearly thirty minutes, and even if I’m not too familiar with the FA Girls toy line, the series itself either fills one in or just focuses on the characters.



Okay, this show is the one that surprised me. And in a sense, kind of scares me. I’ve done some really stupid things to RP Characters I’ve created over the years. I think the pacing is alright, and only lets on enough to keep a viewer interested. Some of the characters stay ‘true’ to their selves, leading to crises of conscience. This past episode was a bit of a cliffhanger. The destruction of Mamika’s ultimate attack no doubt would’ve left the abandoned stadium and industrial park in a massive crater, but it’s very doubtful that she would’ve survived that, having been impaled by Gunpuku/Altair’s swords.

It was a cliffhanger that surprised me, but I should’ve seen coming. Mamika’s home world was of cuteness and love. Where her opponents just got left off by being singed and bruised. Not killed. The implications of what she’s doing ate away at her, until she decided to rebel against Altair.

And this is not even touching Altair’s and Sota’s relationship, or the unhinged villainy that seems to be made and following Magane. It’s a great show, and I’m a bit glad it’s also on Amazon Prime Video.


Clockwork Planet

I’ve now come to a love/hate relationship with this show. And mainly because Marie saves it for me. I’m a little annoyed at Naoto, and even RyuZU, but Marie basically calms me down. She at least has a bit of a purpose. I think I’m just a bit tired of an indecisive and aloof main male lead like Naoto.

I still watch it because it isn’t in my back-burner, but there are moments where I groan and see if I can jump 5 seconds ahead, and moments where I am drawn into the action on the screen.

So I guess it managed to keep my attention, but I still won’t retract why I was initially annoyed with it.


That’s just my thoughts so far. I will do a similar roundup sometime at the end or start of the next season. As for my current activity levels, I can’t deny I’ve lost interest in blogging recently. That alongside a general apathy for most new shows coming out, isn’t good for someone who blogs about anime. My self-imposed rule on no political posts ever since landing a Federal job stands, and I can’t exactly talk about firearms if I don’t really go shooting past keeping up my practice.

So I’ll see, the blog was and still is, a place where I can let a bit of creative energy and writing practice out, and I don’t have a planned release schedule for any content unless I plan to follow a show. I’ll still intend to write, but I doubt something will catch my attention until Fall 2017 Anime Season.

For those who actually saw this and liked it, thank you. It does feel nice when people see and acknowledge my work.

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Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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1 Response to Quick Thought: Not Exactly Midpoint – Spring 2017 Thoughts

  1. Karandi says:

    Looking forward to seeing your thoughts at the end of the season. There’s a few shows here I didn’t pick up and I’m curious to know whether I should give them ago at a later date.

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