Quick Thought: End Thoughts for Spring 2017

With the end of another anime season, a few shows I’ve stuck with come to a close. One show still goes on, and its pacing is actually holding up. But for the others, my thoughts below.

And yes, they’ll actually be quick.


Granblue Fantasy: The Animation

I recognize that the show could’ve been vastly more different. Gran (and Djeeta) are avatars for the player, and while following he rough story of the game, could’ve gone either way. The show actually showed this in a ‘non-canon’ episode with the extra episode 13, detailing that Djeeta was the one that started off the adventure.

And it was highly amusing, considering that Djeeta had amassed a mighty crew consisting of high-level rolls and has even mastered many high-tiered classes. She effortlessly kills enemies without a care in the world and is feared by the Imperials. Basically the epitome of a high-leveled, well equipped player with amazing party members.

Overall, the show was good, its pacing alright, animation was clean and sharp with not many noticeable dips in quality. The characters were already relatable to me from the game, but I did like some extra fleshing out. The appearance of so many recruitable party members in the final episode (episode 12) to fight the corrupted Leviathan’s forces was enjoyable (especially when Silva showed up with her rifle and amazing bod-..erm).

I think it was a solid choice to watch this season, even for those who do not play the game.

Eromanga Sensei

Cute, with some moments leading me to laugh out loud. Definitely one of those just binge when you feel a little down kind of shows. I reckon that this will spawn another season, as we watched the blossoming relationship between siblings, rivals, and childhood friends grow.

Eromanga Sensei to me is a bit run of the mill, even if I give it props for the story. It’s typical protagonist and harem kind of deal, except the protagonist isn’t exactly thick to the advances of the females. Just, a little awkward for me to swallow; with what between a jealous step-sister, rich eccentric rival, childhood friend who makes a splashy reminder at the last episode, number one fan who is more accomplished than he is, and oh yeah, annoying younger popular girl. I’m about ready to say “choose one and get it over with damnit”. Oh wait, I did.


Frame Arms Girl

Restating my last thought on this show: “Two shorts per week is enough to amuse me for nearly thirty minutes, and even if I’m not too familiar with the FA Girls toy line, the series itself either fills one in or just focuses on the characters.”

From where I last watched, we meet the newest and last of the F.A. Girls to be released, Hresvalgr, who is Gourai’s main enemy in the sense. Hresvalgr seeks to only fight and defeat Gourai, which they do in their first meeting. Reappearing later in the series, this finally comes to a head as Hresvalgr takes on powerful weaponry and Gourai, with the help of the other girls, finally bring her to the senses.

In the end, the series ends off in a positive note as Ao, for all her amateurish ways, manages to keep Gourai and the others leave to find their own special someone. The show is, as I’ve said, a 30 minute commercial for the F.A. Girls toy line, and I’m quite predisposed in the beginning to like it primarily because Shimada Humikane basically created the line, but overall, it is a rather nice and cutesy slice of life show that’s more for passing the time and watching cute figures do cute things and also little tidbits of modelling trivia for those who don’t.


Alice to Zouroku

It only took me all season to properly spell ‘Zouroku’. But I loved this slice of life. With the end of the action filled first half, we settle down to Sana finally able to live life as a normal human child would, with a stern father figure ensuring she stays on the straight and narrow. Even if she is a non-human lifeform, she is more human than some humans. As the shady company that once held her captive has been taken over by forces less evil than they are, it’s nice to see the children with Dreams of Alice are at least being taken care of.

This leads to the last arc, with the introduction of a Dreams of Alice user Hatori. Hatori comes from a background that hits home at times, and uses her power to manipulate people to devastating effect on the crowded streets of the city, and thus drawing Sana’s ire. But being trapped in Wonderland exposes the folly of both Sana and Hatori’s mistakes, and with Zouroku (and Sanae) venturing into Wonderland to rescue the two (and some help from a rabbit and Hatori’s friend Ayumu), they also stop Wonderland from exploding onto the real world with some rather grumpy lecturing from Zouroku.

I loved the end, as it shows that the Government finally reveals the existence of the Dreams of Alice, and showing a possible peaceful future as Sana goes to school with Hatori and Ayumu. What made me tear up was the adult Sana who we met previously when Minnie C. had kidnapped her reappears, this time with a bouquet of flowers in hand, thanking the supposedly deceased Zouroku for all he’s done for her.

Overall, I rate this show as my favorite the whole series, even more so than the next entry in this. It was pure innocence wrapped up in a world that wanted to use her for their own needs when she wanted to go forth and see the world. It finally took a person of rock solid convictions, supported by actors who preferred to let that innocence grow up in a protected environment that led to an adult Sana to finally finding her meaning, and for other users of Dreams of Alice to try and live their lives normally.

One thing I wished happened was to see more of Ichijo. I was smitten when I finally saw her in action in episode 4.



Now at Episode 12, Re:CREATORS is moving along in a trot. Having already figured out the identity of the Military Uniform Princess and Sota’s guilt, the ones preventing the fall of the world of creators now have a plan, working together to create a world to ensnare Altair into. Meanwhile, Altair seems to have garnered a new recruit, the male protagonist from Selesia’s story.

Overall, Re:CREATORS is keeping me interested, and probably the show to help me through the summer doldrums. I can’t say much about the show that isn’t repeated elsewhere, but it’s definitely getting interesting. Now that it’s well known what Altair is aiming for, one can’t help but understand why she feels it important to destroy the world of Creators. Her creator took her life, giving birth to Altair as her final ‘gift’ before succumbing to the innuendo and ravages of the internet court of public opinion.

One thing that might be changing is Aliceteria’s own admission that she was possibly lied to by Magane, her line in the beginning of the episode when examining the wreckage of the battle site in the rain. So I look forward to what happens, especially now that she’s released her creator and Blitz’s creator is actively working for the other team. Will he join, or will he work free.

And what the hell is Magane doing? Especially now that she’s got Yuya’s spirit familiar by her side?


Overall, this season was rather interesting. Keeping track of several different shows through probably led to my exhaustion over the whole thing. It seemed that I have reached a low point in terms of viewership. Answerman from ANN had released an article about it, and I guess I should take come recommendations. I clearly have delved too deeply into watching anime that I don’t have a sense of horizon when it comes to it. Only seeing the trees and not the forest so to speak. I started watching other shows, well, watched one other show. I binged watched through all of The Expanse, and now quite wanting to get my hands on physical books. Used bookstore is going to be in the list of places I need to visit soon.

Probably go back and watching anime that made me love anime. I guess I also need to find a new way to express my creative output. I have nowhere to do so now, due to personality faults. But I’ll live. Just what I’ll cover next is a mystery. I do have something to do in the pipeline, will probably get that out soonish.

Did I mention I liked Silva? Like, I specifically chose her when I started off.

Also, Ichijo is awesome.

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