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Quick Thought: Moving Forward

A quick little talk about something that a friend, Sumeragi, sent me and how suddenly Spring 2018 is gonna be a busy time blogging wise for me.

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Re:CREATORS – Finale

It may not seem like it, since I’ve not done an episodic review of the show like I normally would’ve done, but I’ve been watching Re:CREATORS since writing the three episode rule post about it. Now that it has ended, … Continue reading

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Kantai Collection: The Movie

As the Summer 2017 Event came to a close the other day, in between clearing and farming runs, I watched the Kantai Collection movie. It has been released on BD and of course, enterprising folks have gone and gotten that … Continue reading

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Quick Thought: Brave Witches Episode 13: The Great Petersburg Strategy

A really quick thought on the Brave Witches OVA episode featuring Sanya and Eila as they enjoy their leave at the 502nd’s base of operations at Petersburg. With a romantic getaway at an old and majestic city as Petersburg, you’d … Continue reading

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