Quick Thought: Brave Witches Episode 13: The Great Petersburg Strategy

A really quick thought on the Brave Witches OVA episode featuring Sanya and Eila as they enjoy their leave at the 502nd’s base of operations at Petersburg. With a romantic getaway at an old and majestic city as Petersburg, you’d think Eila would get some action in. Well she thought wrong, much to the mirth of some of us and me groaning at every block thrown at her.

Welp, the long-awaited Sanya x Eila episode has arrived, and I’ll be out front and say it.

It wasn’t as exciting to me.

I mean yeah, it’s an insert episode they made to boost the BD sales and whatnot, but the refocusing of the story to the Finnish-Russian relationship felt a little forced. That said, do appreciate the BD quality.

I mean, the fact the sauna isn’t completely full of steam.

I don’t think I’ve done anyone much of a service with this post. The episode itself is a very transitional episode, and it doesn’t really advance anything with Sanya and Eila, which to me is a bit of a blessing. Their relationship advanced in Season 2 of Strike Witches, and to try to push Sanya to actually accepting Eila’s love here rather than “Higher than the Sky” would’ve made me howl.

As much as I appreciate the fact that the anime chose to have this duo appear as extras in the anime about the 502nd due to their homelands, all this episode really showed was how jealous of a witch Eila is. With Sanya being called upon for her expertise in night fighting, being doted on for being cute, or being courted by a womanizer, she wanted to be alone with Sanya and try to enjoy her Saturnalia break with her.

Not exactly the best place to do so, Eila.

Action wise, the show did give us a pretty good scene. They did well to mix CGI where it was needed and traditional animation when focused on the characters. I think the battle sequence really was the highlight of the episode for me.

The crowning moment of the battle scene was Eila appearing before the armoured Neuroi and proclaiming that it’s already seen all its moves, before shooting it down and producing the fireworks display in which we get a slight bump in their relationship.

As a fan of the franchise, I don’t know if adding this episode into the proper slot when I rewatch the series would be wise. It seems to break up the buildup for the actual stars of the show. Nor should it really be ignored like I’m currently doing, as it reveals a little bit of our beloved characters.

So really, I’m not really enthused about it as I should’ve.

And for once, this was a quick thought.


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3 Responses to Quick Thought: Brave Witches Episode 13: The Great Petersburg Strategy

  1. It’s a bit surprising to read you did not find the OVA to be as entertaining; going in, were there any specifics you were looking for? I personally found it a reasonably well-presented story of Eila’s eternal struggles with finding time with Sanya, and I’m admittedly a little curious to hear what you think of the conclusions I’ve reached, as well.

    • It might be because I’ve been spoiled by Brave Witches, and I’ve reread the Africa doujinshi recently, and wanted something other than a yuri pairing. It’s an extra episode highlighting Eila and Sanya, and while many have been ecstatic over it, I’m probably one of the minority who wasn’t.

      As for what I was looking for, I honestly wasn’t expecting anything but what happened in this episode. In all honesty I wanted to have an episode that probably focused on Eila’s sister Aurora and other Ground Combat Witches that support the 502nd. Particularly in retrieving the various crashed strikers that Nipa tends to crash in.

  2. Looks like I’m not the only one who didn’t really fond with Eila’s jealousy in this OVA. Eila should be grateful that Sanya is adored by the 502nd.

    I was expecting Aurora to appears and give Eila some senses and the reason why Eila calls Hikari with her given name..? (not that I complaining, I’m just wondering)

    Have you listening BW Himeuta 3..? Sadako is the last girl who calls Hikari with her given name..

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