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It may not seem like it, since I’ve not done an episodic review of the show like I normally would’ve done, but I’ve been watching Re:CREATORS since writing the three episode rule post about it. Now that it has ended, I can only say: wow.


Quick Recap Episodes 14 to 22:

From where I last left off, the Creators have come up with a way to bind Altair into their own artificially created world. Under the premise of a multiverse battle arena, the various creators had been tweaking their stories to fully mesh together while Meteora and Kikuchihara coordinate it all. Alicetaria and her creator come to an understanding and she works behind the scenes to betray Altair when the time is right.

Unbeknownst to them, she could see this happening with her powers. She at one point also asks Blitz to not participate in the upcoming battle, due to her realization that he is only following her because Altairs reminds her so much of his daughter, Erina. When the big day comes, everything seemed to go to plan, even with countering Blitz’s attempt to assassinate the creators (namely his) by bringing back his daughter. This went to crap when Altair revealed that she brought back Selesia’s partner and main male lead of her story. This alongside telling the creations and creators that she could easily kill them off, but since she draws her power from the crowd, she needs them to continue working as the supporting characters in her story.

Alicetaria attempts to kill her, but fails, the effects of running her lance through Altair reflected on her. Still defiant to the end, it leaves her creator heartbroken. Selesia knows she can’t win against Charon, and entrapping their machines together, begs Kanoya to kill them both with his Gigas Machina. At this point, all other creations are fighting Altair, though she handily strips one of them of her powers, having been an ‘overwrite’ of her original dating sim origin and thus not solidly connected to her. With their main hitters gone, they are no match for Altair.

The creators unleash their trump card, a clone of Altair that absorbs her, but since she wasn’t as well established as Altair was, Altair was able to override the clone’s base personality with her own, revealing herself by defeating Yuya and Sho, and leaving Blitz as the only one left. At this point, Sota asks his creation to be used, and with the help of Magane’s ability to twist lies around, forces the viewing audience to accept her and thus allowing his creation to come through.

The field changes to that of a train terminal, and Setsuna Shimazaki, Altair’s creator, comes. Shocked, she is initially unable to accept this but since this creation holds all of Setsuna’s memories and feelings, was able to be accepted by Altair, and thus, the audience. The two reconcile, with Altair abandoning her plans to destroy the world. Unwilling to let herself to continue on since her real self is dead, she attempts to kill herself only to be stopped by Altair, who creates a world with the two creations can create their own story together for eternity.

In the end, when Setsuna the creation realizes who her creator was, she calls out to him, through her explanation to Altair. She had created Altair originally to show to her creation to him. This revealation brought Sota to tears as the two creations vanish into their own world, thus saving the world and ending the event.

In the weeks that follow, the creations enjoy their last few weeks in the real world, before saying their goodbyes. Yuya and Sou implore their creator to give them a good send off, Hoshikawa is grossed out by her perverted otaku of a dating sim creator, while Kanoya is eager to get back home with his souvenirs. The day of Blitz has a tense goodbye with his creator, though they have an understanding, and it is revealed that Meteora can’t go back, due to her being the one to cast the spell.

Her powers gone, Meteora is just a normal person now, and with the disbandment of the special committee, Kikuchihara resigns from government work to work in the publishing industry as a creator herself, while the other creators continue to move on after all they’ve experienced.

The final scene has Meteora texting with Sota over her new life and new novel which she’s submitting to a new writer contest. Unable to come up with a name, Sota merely encourages her and it was with that encouragement that she was able to come up with the title: Re:CREATORS.



“I can’t stop myself from creating. Even if I fail. Even if no one approves. Even so, I know that lots of stories have been created that way. Sometimes, they touch people’s hearts. And sometimes, they change people’s lives. Yes. In a small way, it changes their lives into something very beautiful.”

– Mizushino Sota, Re:CREATORS ep 22


Series Thoughts:

Those who know me elsewhere know that I am the biggest hypocrite when it comes to this. And it’s probably why Re:CREATORS kept plucking at heart-strings. Because I have created, and I’ve torn it down by my own very hands. Because I always felt, even when I knew mentally and from others, that it was good. I’ve done it to the point where I’ve alienated a group of people who allowed me to spread my wings, but I’ve torn that down.

Re:CREATORS couldn’t have come at a good enough time to smack some sense into me.

So watching it was sort of rethinking of my own personal life, and my hobbies. I like creating worlds for other people to play in and for me to play in as well. I’ve done folks a disservice by being an idiot.

Blegh, enough talking about that. Re:CREATORS was a show that took a concept and ran with it. The antagonist of the story was really the protagonist, as was explained. All others were mere supporting characters, though some were more prominent than others. There have been moments in the series where it seems to speak to me and others I know quite strongly.

The rejection, the crazy rumors, and the need for a thick skin in where anonymity brings out the best and worse in people. Blitz Tokar’s creator Shunma Suruga, when finally facing her creation and her imminent death, called Setsuna’s attempt at revenge at the world through Altair (later not true) as a weak attempt. She had cried many times before on failed and rejected projects and manuscripts before coming up with Blitz’s world. And even with her killer before her, she was unapologetic in explaining that the hardships they endure is for the amusement of her fanbase.

This struck a nerve because around the same time that episode aired, as it was around this time that Larry Correia, an author I like, has said that writing is a full-time job. In order to get good at it, one must continue to work on it, to devote oneself to his/her craft and to refine their art. To constantly strive forward and improve. I think that’s what I’ve taken from Re:CREATORS.

To mope and drag everything down with you isn’t what is healthy. It brings people down and sets you up for your own failures. I think the creation of Setsuna (implied to be her actual soul/spirit), saw how much her death had caused problems, and how Sota’s inability to confront his own skill and finding surreal satisfaction at her critics’ attacks talked to me on a truly personal level. But the same could be said at what Suruga’s words, in which pages upon pages of type slowly drew out my creative spark, that there is no mystic muse to instantly make me a legend in a crowded field overnight.

And the rejection of support, of actual praise, or of constructive criticism. Where I took Sota’s attitude and Setsuna’s position within my group and ran headlong the other way, destroying my own progress. It was, as I said earlier, an eye opener watching this series. Episode 17 in particular.

I have joked about that, if such a Re:CREATORS scenario would happen to me, and the various characters I’ve made over the years were to come back, I’d be killed for what I’ve done to them. But I think truly I’d be abused only for what I did to myself this past year.

I’m sorry, I can’t seem to crawl out of this spiral of self-pity over my own actions, in what should be a review of the show. I guess that’s how much I love it, because it connected to me and brought me to my senses, a little late, but it did.

I think that’s the best thing I can say about it. Re:CREATORS is an interesting concept of a show, with characters that will spark some interest in folks, with a meaning that will resonate with those who work in the arts. Writing, illustration, acting, etc. The music is amazing, the plot twists aren’t jarring but interesting, and there are times where you can’t tell if there is any 4th wall due to the story.


Finale Gallery:

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