Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love (Episodes 3&4)

Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love (Episodes 3&4)

This has been on the back burner for nearly a month now, and I apologize for the lateness. Now with the next film of the release schedule coming soon released two weeks ago, I need to get this over with. Not that Yamato is bad, but I’ve been lazy. Episode 5&6 will be done within a week.


Episode 3: Astonishing Legacy of the Cosmo Reverse

In the outskirts of the Solar System, a joint Garmilas/Earth colony is enjoying the Earth holiday of Christmas, while an academic is pressuring Admiral Ryu Hijikata on sending out their appropriated forces for exploratory runs at ancient ruins. Admiral Hijikata rebuffs him, leaving him annoyed. Just outside the planet’s orbit, a Gatlantis fleet is ready to spring their trap.

The Marines from the movie, Sergeant Major Hajime Saito, Nagakura, and various other subordinates are found here, working security and helping with the festivities, including giving a large tree for the old man playing Santa and the kids of two races to decorate.

Back on the moon, Ambassador Loren Burrel explains that the planet Telezart whose civilization that turned their human will into physical energy. Transcending into mental entities into a singular lifeform on a different plane, they became the goddess Teresa. With various interstellar races talking of Teresa, including those who were called by her, it is no fairy tale. The Yamato crew were called to carry out a fate predetermined by her.

Back on Earth, Yuki Mori spends some time with Doctor Sakezo Sado, who tries to reassure her. Yuki saw no one, no doubt due to her amnesia. When talking about Kodai, he says it is more like her, as she trusts him regardless of who she is and what memories she can or cannot remember.

Back on the moon, Ambassador Burrel and Susumu Kodai talk about the various attempts over the years by different civilizations to find Telezart, but have failed. The locus of the ‘SOS’ sent had its origin in an area of space that is full of Gatlantis activity.

A warrior nation that the Garmilas are still unsure of, if they have broken the seal of Telezart and harness the power of Teresa, they can do anything, thus a threat to everyone involved. It was probably this reason that the crew of the Yamato was chosen. Not the nations or people of Earth or Garmilas, but of the Yamato, and the Ambassador is sure he knows the reason why, and orders his aid Klaus Kiiman to take him to Earth. He tells him to witness the truth of Earth with his own eyes.

Deep in the bowels of a restricted section, Kiiman takes him inside the dirty secret behind Earth’s restoration. It is an underground singularity called the “Dimensional Time Fault” that has been producing the majority of Earth and Garmilas fleets in the three years since the restoration. 15 years to study and create the dock within, and have been churning out ships in 15 years subjective time while only three years have passed in the outside.

It was through the Dimensional Time Fault that the Andromeda-class and other, wave-motion gun equipped battleships were created and the restoration of Earth was achieved. By also selling usage of the Dimensional Time Fault to Garmilas in exchange for colony worlds, Garmilas is able to secure its future against a clearly expansionist minded Earth. It seems ‘politics’ and ‘economy’, according to Kiiman, is ingrained regardless of origin; all the while Kodai wonders if this is the sort of future that the Yamato undertook its journey to secure.

Elsewhere, Niimi Kaoru wakes from the injuries she sustained from the self-destructing Gatlantis soldier, while Shiro Sanada explains that Kodai now knows about the Dimensional Time Fault. Recalling their last conversation with Admiral Hijikata, in which high command has decreed they will continue to build wave-motion cannon equipped warships, he tells them to hold their ground. It is also here that an apparent split between Sanada and Kodai happened when Sanada explains he will be overseeing the reinstallation of the wave motion gun on the Yamato herself.

Back in the present, Chief Heikuro Todo cannot authorize the expedition to Telezart, even with Kodai’s impassioned plea, even with bringing up that he would no doubt respond differently to Okita or the revelation of his knowledge of the Dimensional Time Fault.

Asking Sanada what their journey was all for, the crew of the Yamato gather, who explain their inability to even respect the deceased for the shameful actions of their government and people. With only the Yamato crew receiving the vision, he says he will go to Telezart and asks if the crew would join him. Sanada is the first to offer his hand in the endeavor, while others slowly join, all knowing that there is no place for the Yamato in their new rejuvenated Earth.

Back on the frontier planet, the celebrations are underway for the Christmas season when the Gatlantis Empire make their attacks.

Back on the Yamato, Yuki talks about the need of getting new clothes for the trip but Kodai asks her to hide, stating the different nature of the trip. This saddens Yuki, and she lays it on him on why he treats her differently. She asks if it’s because she saw no one or that she wasn’t one of the called. Kodai explains he doesn’t want to drag her into this act of treason and with that, Yuki explains that they truly don’t understand each other. She runs off the ship, leaving Kodai and her engagement ring behind.

The episode ends with Sergeant Major Saito and his subordinate, Nagakura, rescuing the old man and Garmilas kids from the onslaught as the colony is ruthlessly attacked.


Episode 4: Take Off for the Unknown!

On Earth, Shiro Sanada explains that when he took command of the Yamato following Captain Juzo Okita’s illness, he had lost eight crewmen by being overly analytical in his command decisions. He believes that such a mind is a powerful weapon, but has limitations. Captain Okita’s decisiveness often went beyond the realm of reason, and it is only with such qualities can someone truly command the Yamato. Sanada, as his superior officer, cedes overall command authority to Susumu Kodai, who becomes acting Captain of the Yamato, as well as the head conspirator to their treason.

Outside in the storm, a flight of UN Cosmo Marine SC97 Cosmo Seagull transport craft overfly the memorial to Captain Okita headed to the Yamato dock. This is General Kotetsu Serizawa’s response to the (justifiably) traitorous actions of the Yamato crew. Upon arriving at the dock though, it is revealed that the Yamato has been moved to the underground city that once housed the population of Japan during the Earth-Garmilas war. Even with the General’s zealotry, Chief Heikuro Todo reminds him not to be too rough, as they were the heroes who saved Earth afterall.

In the secure underground dock, Kodai explains to the deceased Okita that he knows what to do this time, even if he is scared on using the Wave Motion Gun, and it would be the right thing to do since they are protesting the Earth government’s policy in freely building more of the terrifying weapons that they had promised Iscandar to never use. It is with that quandary he is faced with, that by not using the gun, he might lose crewmembers to it. The response from the deceased is to merely show his resolve.

Elsewhere, the decommissioned Kirishima surfaces near a dock, and the crew of the Yamato make their way ashore and to elevators, with Lieutenant Daisuke Shima conspicuously absent from the group, looking on from a cliff face away and wondering if this was the only course of action that could be taken. As the crew make their way to the Yamato, Serizawa is reined in by Chief Todo, who will speak to them when the board. If that fails, General Serizawa will utilize one of the defensive satellites to shoot them down.

As the Yamato prepares for its journey, the bridge crew are a mite bummed that Shima wasn’t joining them, also aware of the movement of the defense satellite. It is here that contact between Chief Todo and Acting Captain Kodai occurs. He explains the fear of the government, with the Yamato being the only ones to receive the message, their actions are too hasty, and possibly embroiling the still recovering Earth into a far off conflict.

Broadcasted throughout the ship, he encourages them to surrender. Kodai is given five minutes, and it is with this he explains that the Chief is correct, but it is his hope that their response is how Earth should always respond to someone in need, and tells them if they want, they can leave with nothing against them. All departments through report no one leaving.

The response is swift, with the UN Cosmo Marine forces destroying the dock control room and ensuring that the ship cannot leave. Lieutenant Susumu Yamazaki, one of the Yamato’s primary engineers, explains that a sub-control room can be accessed to give the Yamato control of the dock. This means it needs to be accessed by someone, and Kodai (with prompting from Sanada) orders him to take Warrant Officers Toru Hoshina and Mikage Kiryu for this. Giving the trio covering fire via the AA Guns on low setting, they are nevertheless pursued by Marines.

With Yamazaki covering them, Hoshina and Kiryu transfer control to the Yamato while Assistant Warrant Officer Yuria Misaki heads to Hoshina, who she had grown close to in the earlier voyage. The trio are prevented from reaching the Yamato by the UNCM, though Misaki arrives to show them another way out. Back at the Yamato, Master Chief Petty Officer Isami Enamoto pleads with Petty Officer First Class Miki Saijo on abandoning her watch as the waters have reached the side door. Before they can continue a UN Cosmo Marine surfaces from the water.

Back aboard the ship the bridge crew are sent their farewells by the four still not aboard while at the sub control room. Bidding them farewell and thanks, Kodai releases the Yamato from its locks, and they leave the underwater dock.

With no other choice, General Serizawa gets the satellite ready as the Yamato crew ready to surface and fly. The mysterious UNCM Marine though is revealed to be Shima, who had joined at the last second, escorted to the bridge by Chief Enamoto and PO Saijo, just in time to launch the Yamato. Breaking the surface of the ocean, they fly upwards to the sky, their departure overflying Captain Okita’s monument in the rising sun.

With the defense satellite destroyed, the crew of the Yamato have become General Serizawa’s sworn enemies with Chief Todo remarking that Captain Okita’s children have left Earth, and no doubt, his protection. The closing shot shows the Andromeda and her sister ships and other wave motion gun equipped ships seemingly headed to intercept the Yamato.

Episode Thoughts:

I am now several weeks late in this set of posts. Episodes five and six will be done as soon as I recap episode 4 of Kino no Tabi on Friday and probably release by Monday, depending on another review. But now, on to this duo of episodes.

You know, part of me agrees with Kodai, and part of me agrees with Serizawa. Granted, I felt dirty saying I agreed with Serizawa. I feel Kodai and the crew of the Yamato might be getting a bit too full of themselves. No doubt they’re celebrated for being the crew that saved Earth, but to think they can continue with this sort of high-minded naivety is a bit unrealistic to me.

Or that might be my more rational and military-minded self is saying. There is a reason that Sanada ceded command to Kodai, who is Okita’s chosen successor and student. He is able to utilize his own strengths and the strengths of others in his command decisions. With the crew growing ever the wiser and closer after their trip to Iscandar, no doubt they’ve become an effective fighting force on their own.

That said, I can understand why the Yamato crew is such in crappy spirits. The mission they fought and bled for are given the barest of respect, and people like General Serizawa continues to hold a powerful office as one of the commanding Generals of the United Nations Cosmo Force / Earth Defense Force. The promise to Starsha of Iscandar is nullified by the study and utilization of the Dimensional Time Fault as a massive military shipyard, creating not only the Andromeda-class Battleships/Battle Carriers, but a whole host of Dreadnought-class Battleships.

It seems nothing has changed to Earth’s political class with the near destruction of the human species, nor has politics truly changed with the possible opening up of the Garmilan political class after the death and dissolution of Albelt Dessler’s regime. Part of this can probably be due to Earth’s increased xenophobia, no doubt being subjected to years long meteorite bombing with unknown radiation would do that for a populace, but it seems like the Earth Defense Forces and the UN Cosmo Navy is more receptive to working with the Garmilas, if only because so far the Empire outnumbers them.

On the whole, Kodai has grated on me the entire four episodes, but I can understand where he is coming from. He is an idealist who represents the very best in Earth and humanity, while Serizawa and those who take after him are the examples of humanity’s distrust and fear of the unknown.


This is the same General Serizawa who had ordered Captain Okita to fire on the exploratory fleet of the Garmilas Empire, then stripping him of command and ordering Daisuke Shima’s father to do so, thus sparking the war. He had nearly caused the Yamato’s mission to fail with the staged mutiny by Izumo plan members, and no doubt the driving force to rearm the Earth Defense Forces with Wave Motion Gun battleships and battle-carriers.

But this is just the opening act, as the Gatlantis Empire started to make its moves on the Humans and their Garmilan allies as the colony world on the 11th planet of the Sol System is under attack. Unmentioned in my summary, was the civilian female that had accompanied the researcher to meet with Admiral Hijikata. Was she an agent for the Gatlantis Empire? I’m not too sure, she seemed to anticipate the attack.

Speaking of the attack, it also seems that the reconciliation between the two races is rather complete, if not more open-minded folks are the ones chosen to the colony worlds. This might explain why the old man, who had lost his family and his mobility, was playing Santa to a host of human and Garmilan children. And why the older Garmilan boy had the model of the Yamato in his hand, no doubt the crew of the Yamato held in high esteem after the deprivations of their former Emperor meant that Garmilan life was meaningless to them, but their sworn enemy had used its power to save them.

It explains really, the next two episodes and how come Ambassador Burrel and Kiiman was willing to trust Kodai on his actions.

Regardless, I think I rambled on too long, on to the next set of episodes.

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