Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love (Episodes 5&6)

Once again put on the back burner, because I’m pretty inconsistent with one of my supposed hobbies. This time I finish off this set of episodes, no doubt in another month I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next set of episodes and suddenly find no time for them. Kino no Tabi (2017)’s episode 5 to be done right after this, and next week I’ll put some thoughts into Girl’s Last Tour.

Episode 5: Face Off! Yamato vs Andromeda

On the Lunar hospital, Makoto Kato plays with her son Tsubasa Kato but notices that her husband, Lt. (j.g.) Saburo Kato, skulking to the side. Hearing that the Yamato crew has rebelled, he also tells her that he’s been summoned by the security bureau. He was not told about their revolt, no doubt to protect him, but he feels as though he’s been left behind.

At the asteroid field, the Andromeda and her fleet conduct a firing drill and destroy asteroids around Jupiter.  At this point Ensigns Akira Yamamoto and Hiroki Shinohara (who were discussing the time fault and the fleet of ships being built so quickly) break off from the exercise alongside other deserters to join up with the Yamato.

Back on Earth, General Serizawa states that he can’t let an example cause an overall desertion; leading to the commander of the fleet, Captain Osamu Yamanami, to order the students of the eight deserters to be detained. With that, he reveals that they’ve been ordered to hunt the Yamato.

The Yamato herself heads into the asteroid belt, using the belt as camouflage while the warp drive and wave motion shield is brought online, which is going to be another 5 hours. Lt. Commander Shiro Sanada though asks Analyzer to look through Lt. Kaoru Niimi’s plan under any materials concerning the ‘Izumo Plan’.

Back on the moon, Kato watches over his sick child, and Makoto implores him to go to the Yamato, seeing that he had seen the vision as well. Back on the eight deserters, UN Cosmo Force fighters are preventing them from landing. Makoto on the moon explains that it is their turn to help others, as Iskandar did for them, and this why the Yamato is flying once more. When they went off to Iskandar, no one had known what would happen. She wants to tell her son that she and Kato lived their lives honestly, and tells him to go to the Yamato for hers and their son’s sake.

Back at the dogfight, all seems to be going wrong for the deserters until a white Garmilan fighter intercedes and tips the scales over to the side of the Yamato sympathizers by launching a strong EMP weapon that scrambles the IFF and RADAR of all involved, and the vastly superior skills of the deserters will make the difference.

On the Garmilan embassy, Ambassador Loren Burrel explains the debt that the Garmilans owe the Yamato, and now it is their turn to return the favor, much to the annoyance of Chief Heikuro Todo. Todo explains that Earth has a way of doing things, to which the Ambassador replies, that they are following their own principles on the matter. And so Earth’s answer is to send the Andromeda alone out to capture the Yamato, with Captain Yamanami noting that those who had left on Iskandar seem to have a detached sense from the reality.

Back aboard the Yamato, Sanada and Chief Engineer Lt. Commander Hikozaemon Tokugawa note their luck in that a storeroom full of probes from the Izumo plan was not listed in the refit orders, but he questions their usefulness. There is a brief tense moment when the deserting fighters are caught on RADAR but it turns into cheers when it is found to be Ensign Yamamoto’s team. They also pick up the Garmilan fighter, piloted by Klaus Kiiman, Ambassador Burrel’s military advisor.

When questioned, he states that he is aboard the Yamato as an advisor, due to the unprecedented nature of their trip, noting that the knowledge of Garmilas would be useful. He also insists on staying aboard. Lt. Daisuke Shima is in agreement due to staffing considerations, but before any more could be said, tracking picks up the Andromeda closing in quickly, barely two minutes away.

Hailed by the other ship, Captain Yamanami asks the Yamato to turn around, and asks if the crisis that is brewing can’t be solved by the Yamato alone. He tells the crew to face reality, to which Acting Captain Susumu Kodai responds the reality they face is leading to the wrong future. With the wave motion shields still out of commission, they refuse the last chance to turn around and combat is initiated between the two ships.

The Yamato turns back to the asteroid field, with Sanada explaining he has a plan. The Andromeda launches salvo of gravitic weapons, destroying a portion of the asteroid field. The Yamato is out of range but instead launches the probes from earlier which embeds themselves into hundreds of asteroids. The probes are drawn to the Yamato by a magnetic wave.

This provides the Yamato the necessary cover from the Andromeda’s main guns, each successive shot whittling down the rotating asteroid shield until they can get their own wave motion shield online. With both ships at a collision course, neither captain flinches as both Andromeda and Yamato scrapes alongside the other on their shields. All this leads Captain Yamanami to remark on how stubborn Okita’s son (Kodai) is to the deceased.

Asked if they are to turn and pursue the Yamato by his second in command, they receive an emergency message from headquarters. Chief Todo direct them to halt pursuit of the Yamato and the charges of treason dropped against the Yamato crew. It seems that Garmilan influence had brought enough political pressure to change the current situation and also retroactively order the Yamato’s expedition. Their orders now is to investigate the situation and to return home safely. Chief Todo salutes them all, with the Yamato bridge crew returning it with their own across the chest salute.

With the retroactive approval, Kato as well as those on the Andromeda that had wanted to join the Yamato (seemingly the entirety of Yamamoto’s pupils) leave, with Captain Yamanami handing them the memorial plaque of Captain Okita. Asked if he had anticipated this all along by his XO, he had merely intended to use the pilots as hostages but was glad of the outcome. The episode ends with Saburo meeting up with the Yamato with him wishing he could show Tsubasa his ship, and the crew placing Okita’s plaque behind the captain’s chair.


Episode 6: Deadly Battle on the 11th Planet.

A derelict spacecraft is discovered by the Yamato, containing a wounded and barely conscious Warrant Officer Shiori Nagakura of the UN Cosmo Marines stationed on the 11th planet. Nagakura recollects the events on the 11th planet, and the flashback begins with a Garmilan child is shown about to be murdered by a Gatlantis Needleslave drone before Nagakura rescues her. Asking if she’s alright, the girl says she is and asks for her family, with Nagakura saying she’ll look for them later.

The 11th planet colony is devastated in the attack, and they come across the broken model of the Yamato from previous episodes, and a hand poking from the debris, implying the girl’s brother and family had been killed in the collapsing structure. Elsewhere, a UN Cosmo Marine by the name of Furuhashi fends off Gatlantis soldiers and drones and tells the fleeing civilians to run to the bridge, before he is overwhelmed and Gatlantis soldiers initiate their self-destruct sequence, killing themselves and Furuhashi mid-report. The column of smoke evident over the ridge line, Master Sergeant Hajime Saito stands in salute to his fallen subordinate.

Admiral Ryu Hijikata, the ranking military officer on the 11th planet, offers surrender to the Gatlantis commander, to which the commander states no such word exists in their language, and a final salvo hits Hijikata’s command bunker, seemingly burying him alive as Gatlantis fighters continue their genocide on the colonists.

While Saito will oblige them in fighting to the last man, he can’t involve the civilians, and a rocket is found still intact on security cameras. There is no room for all the civilians, and just taking the children reduces the speed and maneuverability options, thus the remaining Cosmo Marines pin their hopes on Nagakura due to her background. She is sent off to signal for help, with the remaining marines providing covering fire for the launch.

Her mission complete, the crew of the Yamato (including Kiiman) analyze the recon photo of the Gatlantis fleet on the 11th planet. The crew note that there must be a lot of civilians on the planet, and that the battle has been raging for nearly 40 hours now. Informed of this Todo didn’t anticipate that Gatlantis would move as quickly, but he informs them that the Yamato would be outnumbered by the enemy if they were to respond, instead telling them to continue on their mission.

The Earth Federation response is held up in talks with the Garmilan Empire, no doubt over the politicking that had happened to grant the Yamato their necessary freedom, which doesn’t bode well for any survivors. A lot of the Yamato crew aren’t too happy, made more especially evident that their final destination is quite far, and would take roughly 43 to 44 warp jumps every 16 hours to reach, totaling to roughly a month. The 11th planet meanwhile is off that course as noted by the Gamilan representative Klaus Kiiman.

While Kiiman points out their mission is to understand the mission from Teresa of Telezart, Ensign Akira Yamamoto reminds the gathered officers in the main holoplotting room that their mission is to save lives. She finds it contradictory that they would ignore those who are drowning before them. Introducing herself to the advisor (whom she addresses as Lieutenant), he tries to brush her off and even states there might be no survivors left, but she presses the matter.

Wanting to hear Acting Captain Susumu Kodai’s decision, Kodai thinks for a moment, and states that the situation makes it difficult for the Yamato to charge in, but then declares it was nothing compared to the magnitude of forces they faced at Balun in their journey to Iskandar. As it dawns on those assembled, he states he intends to use the tactics Captain Okita used then, and intends to warp out between the artificial sun and the surface of the planet.

A risky maneuver that would disable their wave motion engine for two hours. Kiiman points out that it isn’t the Yamato’s objective to retrieve dead bodies, but Kodai responds that as long as there is hope for survivors, they will go and orders the crew to battlestations.

Riding on an elevator, Kiiman and Kodai discuss the implication of what Yamamoto said, that if they ignore the drowning man before them, they can’t very well prevent a crisis outside. Not exactly what she said but it is how the others have taken it. Kiiman warns him though, that their journey this time is different and it is a serious weakness to consider it the same, to which Kodai responds it is probably due to them being aboard the Yamato. Kiiman still notes that he should know what weakness they have.

Right before the operation, much to the annoyance of the fighter squadron, Kiiman has been permitted to fly alongside the fighter squadron. Yamamoto asks what his intentions are, and he merely states since they decided on this course of action, he intends to help them get it over quickly.

Back on the 11th planet, Saito finds himself alive. Met by the mysterious woman (identified as Touko Katsuragi, aide to Professor Robert Redreuz from earlier) holding the Garmilas girl, they are surrounded by Needleslaves as the girl asks where the Yamato is. Told by her now-dead brother that the Yamato could beat them easily, she asks the two adults where it is. Saito says it will come for sure, and right in the nick of time. Yamamoto destroys the drones and the Yamato hovers over the bridge full of survivors as the Gatlantis fleet moves in to investigate the Yamato’s warp out.

Kato, Kiiman, and the fighter squadron destroy the Gatlantis ships, but one manages to make it past them and goes for a suicide run on the Yamato as she’s loading the refugees. Escaping just in time, another ship pins the Yamato beneath her in the narrow canyon, the Yamato’s maneuvers making Saito wonder why they were running. The second ship is destroyed via SAM and cannon shells.


In space, six Calakmul-class super dreadnoughts arrive, and the Yamato picks up an anomaly in their area. Back in the Gatlantis emperor’s palace, one of his generals report the successful arrival of their 8th Task Force to the Sol system. The super dreadnoughts are seen activating their orbiting beam emitters, and form a line, the emitters combining and multiplying before emitting a massive beam that destroys the landscape and seemingly destroys the Yamato, much to the horror of the fighter squadron.

Episode Thoughts:

Late once again, I think I’ll do fine as long as I get this out before the next set of episodes release. God I’m kinda shit in this release and deadline thing.

The last two episodes in this release finally settles the legality of the Yamato’s actions, as well as coming back to the 11th planet and Master Sergeant Hajime Saito. With Kiryuu stuck on earth alongside Misaki, Hoshina, and Yamazaki, I doubt the SarMaj can bond with his close friend. It does allow him to take Hoshina’s job as commander of ship security, though with less to work with no doubt.

The Andromeda seemed to have a bit of an issue plowing through the ARGO defense the Yamato had put up, but as noted by some, this is no doubt due to its ability to fire much more rapidly, eschewing pure power for faster recharge and firing than the Yamato.

I also like how the ARGO was meant originally to create the asteroid ship Yamato, which would’ve been essential to the Izumo plan to create an impromptu space-worthy ship complete with habitation and storage areas in the asteroids that would attach themselves onto the Yamato. It found a new use by being the temporary cover for the Yamato as its wave motion shields were being brought up.

It’s also a bit interesting to see how much Gamilas is influencing Earth, even if they seem to be on the back foot now that Earth is expanding. I wouldn’t say it’s much like Vulcan limiting the United Earth in its early years pre-Federation, but they are tempering their response and working with what I would say, more idealistically minded or leaning members of the Earth Federation/United Nations in allowing the Yamato crew much leeway.

I also think it is through this influence that the crew of the Yamato adopted the across the chest salute. It was the salute done in the original series, though I doubt it. It might just be something created between the crew of the Yamato, to show how different they are from the rest of the Earth Defense Force.

There really wasn’t a whole lot for me to think deeply about in this episode, it is a bit more straightforward now that not only did the Yamato crew manage to get away from the pursuing EDF ships, but were also given retroactive orders to their journey to Telezart and were pardoned from the charges of treason. All that is left is to start focusing on the giant elephant in the room, the Gatlantis/White Comet Empire.

In regards to them, they’re not as backwards as Yamato 2199 and the Celestial Ark movie made them out to be, having a semblance of sophistication that will take other civilization’s technology and adapting it to their own. Their adaption of the Garmilas drones into their Needleslaves is commendable, though the genetic manipulation that would leave Gatlantis soldiers to becomes mindless self-destruct clones is scary in that lives mean nothing to an empire that does not have the word ‘surrender’ in their vocabulary.

Which brings me to the end of the four episodes, where the hell did they get the technology to create a combing laser attack like the one done by the six super dreadnoughts. And considering the episode preview, it seems scalable to hundreds if not thousands of them since what appears to be a massive amount of ships forming a school. It reminds me of the schools of hammerhead sharks seen on various nature documentaries.

I’m guessing this is where General Serizawa and Captain Yamanami might feel justified in using the time fault to create fleets of advanced, wave motion gun equipped ships, considering the invasion fleet that is knocking on Earth’s door.


Episode 5 Gallery:

Episode 6 Gallery:


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