Quick Thought: Kino no Tabi -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series (Episode 8)

Just when we thought we have left Shizu, Riku, and Ti behind on that cliff-side camp, we get a whole episode featuring their adventures and why some people just continue to travel. I’m skipping screenshots minus a few for this one. A bit busy now that the holiday season has arrived.

Episode Thoughts:

A welcome surprise, to catch up on Shizu and his party. I really don’t have much in the way of thoughts for this one. I love that Riku was still hesitant on opening up on Ti. No doubt the stunt with the grenade was going to be easily forgiven, but in finally determining that Ti was ‘alright’, it meant that the trio can move properly around as a traveling unit once more. Or should I say ‘family’.

The country they visited was peculiar to say the least. With their interesting (to say the least) history, any major ‘crime’ in the city is treated as a psychiatric episode not in the person’s doing. The town’s excuse doesn’t hold water and it is verified by the ruins of the radio tower. Apart from that, it’s pretty good place, with a democratic form of government and welcoming outsiders. I liked the call back to last episode on how admitting foreigners into their city might be an issue with social order, maybe the pair has heard of Shishou’s exploits in the Historic Country?

Regardless of the reasoning for the off-and-on crime sprees, it’s become the country’s quirk. This irrationality (for an outsider) is the disqualifying point for Shizu, Riku, and Ti’s residency. That and holding a baby and then the Sherriff hostage. Everyone in the city is so accustomed to and accepting of the little radio waves randomly causing these spikes of crime. In the end it is this gullibility that saves their skin, proving that Ti is quite observant of her surroundings and know when the time is up for the three of them in a certain place.

The next country they come to seems to be the opposite, crime ridden and not as high tech or clean. It does afford Ti a chance to go out on her own with Riku watching her. Over the course of the day, Riku grows to understand that Ti is slowly opening up, no doubt still getting over the fact she had just lost her home. In the end, he explains to Shizu that he had no qualms of harming or killing Ti if it meant Shizu’s continued survival, but now he sees her as a friend. It was a little heartwarming seeing Ti hugging Riku in the end as they left the crime infested country, acknowledging that he was her friend.

And that’s all I had really for this episode. Next episode seems to be tailored to one off adventures before we get to the real end of the series. Kino and his influence on an inn-keeper’s daughter in the Land of Adults.

Or so I imagine.

Episode Gallery:


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