Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love (Episode 7&8)

Once again in the backburner for a while. Episodes 9 and 10 should come within a week. No excuses for the lateness, apart from it passing my mind and the files sitting in my computer. Is it just me or is Kodai somewhat grating? Then again, the responsibilities of independent command outside a combined fleet action would do that.

Episode 7: Flash of Light! The Light of the Wave Motion Gun.

The Yamato’s exploits are seen by members of the Gatlantis high command. Even with its fearsome power on display, Emperor Zordar claims that the Yamato would not shoot even if it can. Back on the 11th planet, the Yamato survived the combined strike from the now fried super dreadnoughts. The wave motion shield close to collapsing, the Yamato manages to launch ARGO drones allowing their underground chamber to be held up and not crush the battleship under thousands of tons of rock.

In orbit, a new fleet appears, this one numbering in the hundreds. The enemy fleet ignores the Yamato, and set up preparations for something, while the news is sent to the Yamato. The fighter squadron still has some issues with the Garmilan military attaché. While Akira tries to be diplomatic, Kiiman explains that he understand why Kato snapped, but feels that the Yamato has changed from the Yamato they knew.

Back at the Yamato, Sanada notices something peculiar and asks Analyzer to predict the enemy’s next move. Saito appears on the bridge, who thanks him for the timely rescue, but also came to question why they haven’t used the Wave Motion Gun. Refusing to answer, tensions are abated for now when an SOS is discovered from the destroyed command center.

Saito and his Cosmo Marine/Space Cavalry rescue go off to rescue Commander Hijikata, Analyzer’s analysis is complete. The swarm was preparing to use the artificial sun’s power to not only obliterate the ship and the 11th planet in a superbova, but as well as using that energy as a cannon to destroy Earth.

In the ruins of the UN Command Center, Commander Hijikata is rescued but is gravely injured. Back on the Yamato, Kodai is trying to come to grips with fulfilling Okita’s promise to Iscandar. Sanada says to use the wave motion gun to obliterate the cannon threatening Earth, but Kodai is conflicted on how to move forward, noting they might have to break their promise and endanger thousands of lives.

Kodai comes back to the bridge with the supportive looks of his crew, and Kiiman remarks over the comms that the dawn from their artificial sun is quite beautiful. With this, Kodai orders the Yamato to surface and fire the Wave Motion Gun. The Cosmo Seagull carrying Commander Hijikata arrives at the Yamato’s location just as it surfaces. Saito calls out Kodai for his apparent unwillingness to shoot his enemies, but Hijikata says he will shoot.

The Yamato shoots and destroys the artificial sun, the resonance interference from the act disabling the Gatlantis vessels and leaving them dead in the water. Akira notes that Kiiman had saved them once again, to which he responds that he merely told Kodai that the dawn was beautiful. Kodai issues a cease of hostilities and retreat to the Gatlantis forces, a noble view but as correctly deduced by Hijikata, one that only works if the enemy shares the same mindset.

The Gatlantis commander reports in to the Emperor, unable to understand the actions of the Yamato, to which he remarks that it is love. Back on the Yamato, Shima congratulates Kodai in firing the Wave Motion Gun without killing anyone, to which Kodai explains he’s just lying to himself, deceiving himself to firing the gun.



Episode 8: Trap on the Planet Stravase!

The disabled ships show no signs of repair or recovery, leading the Yamato crew to see that the Gatlantis can only destroy. With no time to wait for a fleet, the Yamato should return the refugees to Earth but at a cost of their primary mission. Kiiman offers an alternative, where they can deliver the refugees to an Earthbound Garmilas fleet, meeting with them on the volcanic planet Stravasse.

Kodai and Saito share a view on the ship’s aft, remarking on the death toll. Saito explains that their enemy is uncaring in their genocide, and not knowing of the details of their promise on Iscandar, he tells Kodai to remember what he said. Elsewhere, Touko Katsuragi, Professor Redrauz’s assistant, finds the professor who seems to be in a trance.

Back on the Yamato, Kodai finds out that Yuki was aboard the ship and confronts her. Even when helped by the rest of the crew, the two are still at loggerheads, to the point that Kodai orders her off the ship. Hijikata meanwhile informs Sado that he feels Okita still inhabits his ship. When left alone, he remarks to no one in particular that he is just a loser.

Back in the infirmary, Shima finds a Kodai who is on edge, and tries to help his best friend. Back on the rear deck, Yuki apologizes to Akira for ruining their efforts to hide her. While Akira thinks that Yuki’s mentioning that there are limits to everything, she was actually referring to herself. She didn’t want to be a burden hence her taking up the offer to join the refugees back to Earth. Back with Shima and Kodai, he explains to him that even when not called, Yuki came anyway, and reminds him it isn’t shameful to depend on someone else.

As the Yamato passes the derelict hulls of the Gatlantis forces, the commander of the Gatlantis forces can only feel an insatiable rage focused on the departing Earth ship. As the Yamato arrives for the tradeoff between ships, the bridge crew are riding a wave of emotions as Yuki and Kodai keep up masks to try to hide their petty lover’s quarrel.

The refugees are happy to hear that Saito and his Marines would be accompanying them back home, and Yuki asks Saito for a favor. Passing by Kodai a bit later, Saito can only remark on Yuki’s qualities.

The two forces rendezvous over an arch, and the transfer begins. Finalizing the arrangements, the Garmilans hold back Kiiman on some matters. With Sanada out-of-the-way, they kneel before Kiiman and present him an anti-wave motion photon that can control and even destoy the Yamato’s wave motion engine, and feel remorseful at having Kiiman put up a front for his duties.

At the transfer, the Garmilan girl sees Touko, and asks for a hug, which the woman obliges, somewhat hesitantly. Other scenes follow with Yuki being given a radio backpack to help coordinate between the three vessels; and Saito sharing a drink with Hijikata before leaving, all the while sharing his sentiments with him. On the bridge, Sanada, Shima, and Chief Engineer Tokugawa goad Kodai to see Yuki off.

Before he could say anything though, Professor Redrauz takes off in a Type-100 Space Recon Plane. Touko explains that Redrauz is headed to the ancient ruins, and with her help, both chase after the professor in a Ki-8 Prototype Space Boat “Stork”. Landing and coming to a dead-end, Kodai is knocked unconscious and left behind after discovering markings in the cavern.

Back at the transfer point, a large fleet of Garmilan vessels attack the Yamato and Garmilan fleets, with the Cosmo Marine/Space Cavalry cut off from their charges, they head back to the Yamato as the refugees make their way to the ships. Informed of the fleet’s commander that the attacking forces are political criminals stylizing themselves as the Destructive Liberation Army, they task the Yamato to protect them as they board the refugees.

It seems though that they had lured the rebels to that point, and are counting on Kiiman to do whatever it is that he would do. Kiiman is seen injecting the anti-wave motion photon into the engine. The Stork returns with only Touko. As the engines start, Chief Engineer Tokugawa notices something on his panel.

As the Yamato takes off, Sanada is informed that Kodai isn’t aboard the Stork. Back to Kodai, he awakes with Professor Radeuz asking the mural on how the ancient Archaelias seeded the galaxy and molded their seedlings in humanoid form. Confronting the professor, the professor seemingly changing character and explains that he had been waiting for Kodai, and introduced himself as Zorder. He claims to know what love is, more than anyone else in the universe.


Episode Thoughts:

Episode seven sounds like commentary on the proper use of force to defend one’s interests. I can somewhat sympathize with Kodai over his agony in using the Wave Motion Gun. Unlike Saito and the rest of the Earth Defense Forces, the firing of the WMG is a contentious decision that has been plaguing the Yamato crew since the first usage on the Floating Continent in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

That said, the use of force is sometimes needed. In this case, Gatlantis doesn’t have the same kinds of mores and morality checks that find similar strain in Human and Garmillan society. They exist only to kill or be killed, as evidenced by their suicidal clones and the fact they couldn’t comprehend being spared that they don’t bother to repair their rather impressive war fleet.

I for one think Kodai is being too naïve. Saito might be pushing for using the WMG like it was going out of style, but there ARE times where force is needed, and decisive commitment to see such things through is what built the Yamato’s reputation in Garmilas and Earth. Kodai is finally being thrust into the role of a senior officer when he took command of the Yamato. His command of the battleship Yuunagi counts in getting his feet wet, but I doubt it was any particularly strenuous post. He did as ordered and help foster a working relationship with Garmilas.

So while I applaud that Kodai has to think before using a potential planet killing weapon, I think it has gone a little too crazy in his anti-WMG usage zealotry. Claiming to deceive himself in using the wave motion gun to save the earth smacks of folly to me, as it was that weapon, used for peace that had led Garmilas to respect the Yamato. And that weapon that has led to saving Earth and disabling the suicidal Gatlantis vessels.

Speaking of Garmilas though, I had doubted that three years was enough to soothe any feelings, but of course I’m proven wrong. Kiiman is treated like royalty by what appears to be traitors in the midst. The new Garmilan government might have infiltrators and powerful factions protecting favored underlings, all seeking to undermine and/or return to Dessler’s time.

Considering when he injected the anti-wave motion proton into the engine, that Chief Engineer Tokugawa had spotted an anomaly on his screen, doesn’t truly bode well for whatever plot is afoot.

Speaking of plots, I’m still unsure of what Touko Katsuragi’s role is with the Gatlantis empire, but at least we know that Professor Radeuz either works for Zorder, or has been possessed through ancient magics/technologies to act as the puppet to speak to Kodai. Considering the title of the next episode, I think this is where Zorder sees humanity’s resolve through the stubborn idealist that is Susumu Kodai.

Some minor nitpick, I’m going to be in and out with some names and terms, considering most releases I watch will be fansubbed, and each group has their own spelling if anything. Like it took me awhile to realize the professor was ranting about the same progenitors of humanity from the movie, and that the more ‘correct’ (or canon really) term for Saito’s outfit would be the Space Cavalry much like in the original series, though in the 2199 remake saga he’s part of the UN Cosmo Marine forces.

A little confusing really for me.


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