Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love (Episode 9&10)

Okay, this took longer than a week. Like, the fourth volume is out now on BluRay and DVD. I do like the latter half of this set of four episodes, as episode nine finally pushes Kodai to make a decision to prove his (and humanity’s) worth. Anyways, on to the episodes shall we?

Episode 9: Zworder, the Choice of Evil

Outside, the Yamato covers the three Garmilan refugee ships from the break-away faction/rebels. Things turn dire though as interplanetary missiles make their debut into the operational area. Back in the ruins, Zworder, speaking through the professor, explains to Kodai how every civilization will fall and that nations, families, and other such things is useless. The only path of happiness and peace is through Gatlantis’ way of artificial life.

Back on the Yamato, they prepare to open fire on the missiles, only for Hijikata to countermand that order, as any debris would hit the refugees. He orders the Yamato to act as a decoy to buy them time. Back in the ruins, Zworder explains that they’ve been manufactured for war, and their creators are gone (meaning they killed them according to Kodai). Free from the complexity of love, only Gatlantis can bring peace through their own understanding. As a warrior called upon by Teresa, he laments on their lost way due to emotions, and tells him he (and humanity) does not know what love is. He sees the conflict within Kodai and his experiences, noting he is scared of his loved one dying.

As the Yamato prepares to destroy the missile command ship, Zworder says humanity can ask them for their help in achieving true love (death and repurpose into drones). The battle rages and the Yamato manages to let the Garmilas ships escape while also destroying the missile command ship. Unfortunately the missiles have all impacted the planet and break it apart. The Yamato stays close to the surface until Kodai can be recovered, as Kiiman walks onto the bridge and Katsuragi is in the radio studio listening in to their comms.

In the end, Zworder explains he can feel human thoughts, and plan to erase the egos that are borne from the illness of emotion. Zworder gives Kodai a test, and has loaded three resurrected bodies into each of the refugee ships. A choice to save Yuki’s ship, or lose them all. Before the professor’s body explodes, having been a resurrected body and able to be self-destruct like Gatlantis soldiers, Saito saves him from the blast.

The two of them return on the ship, and Kodai explains to Saito his choice. Opening a relay line to the ships, he explains that their job was to rescue them and return them to Earth, but something unexpected has occurred. He says that no matter what, Yuki would be with them wherever they may be, making his choice to save the ship Yuki is on and not the other two.

He apologizes to Yuki, telling him whatever happens next has nothing to do with her. He won’t even tell her what happened, having to ask the Cosmo Marines/Space Cavalry what happened. Before Kodai could choose though, Yuki takes herself out of the equation and jumps from her ship. This infuriates Zworder, and he sabotages all three ships due to Yuki changing his rules.

Kodai manages to rescue Yuki, while science fiction handwaving happens where the Yamato fires its wave motion gun (with Hijikata being the shooter) and manages to save Yuki, Kodai, and the three refugee ships. With the collapsing planet solved, Yuki and Kodai reaffirm their love of one another with a marriage vow, since Yuki had returned her ring from earlier. They are picked up by the Yamato after this.

Katsuragi watches all this unfold, no doubt the mole for Zworder, and he asks who seems to be someone important to him, if they have to do this all over again.


Episode 10: Fascination and Crisis – The Space Fireflies

The episode starts with two Gatlantis soldiers fighting in an arena. While it seems the defeated fighter has improved, there seems to be doubts about his prowess, which worries some of the Gatlantis commanders. One of them will be taking the commander, Lord Nol, on a ‘hunt’ to help bring up that unknown quality in him that is lacking.

The banter between the two is being overheard by Emperor Zworder. This is done by their conversation being relayed to him by the seer from earlier, who had tapped into the mind of a serving drone on the bridge. He ends his report on his underlings, and notes that all other items are distractions as long as he can obtain the power of Telezart.

The seer, Gailane, asks if it includes the Yamato, which has been called by Teresa. Against all Gatlantiean odds, it has survived, and the seer notes that it has answered Teresa’s prayer. Noting they managed to sneak aboard a living body on the Yamato, the seer notes he senses fear in Zworder, though he is pondering on the source of that fear.

Back on the Yamato, Dr. Sado passes Kodai of all maladies and clears him for duty. Back in the briefing room, it is discovered that on their present course, the Yamato would end up meeting with the White Comet, the Gatlantis homeland. While it seems more prudent to return home now, UN Cosmo Navy HQ orders them to maintain their present course to obtain as much intel as possible on their enemy.

Sado explains to Hijikata that Kodai has been under a lot of pressure, from the message, to firing the wave motion gun, and meeting the Gatlantis emperor. Yuki appears, and Hijikata explains that Kodai will pull through, it’s why she choose him in the first place.

Elsewhere, Saito is getting his forces trained, now that they are the only ground forces the Yamato has. Opening the airlock in the blister before the third bridge, he lets in a swarm of red specks. The red specks remind the crew of fireflies and they seem to be the next gossip point within the crew.

Collected for analysis, they are revealed to be space-borne organisms. Without further analysis it might cause problems, so he points out the obvious to not release them from the canisters. Other members of the crew remark on their beauty, as if there was nothing else for them to do, and slowly showing the crew falling under some sort of hypnosis.

Kiiman snaps Akira out of her delusions though. Sado and Katsuragi aren’t affected by this. Elsewhere on the ship, the fireflies have broken containment, and Saito and Nakagura come across Kodai. It seems both are under the effects of the fireflies, though Nakagura isn’t. Saito buttonholes Kodai in an elevator, the two start to ramp into a contest of wills. Saito has accused Kodai of not making any tough decisions at all. Saito wants to be aboard a ship that will not fight, and accuses the Yamato of being a ship of cowards.

Taking his frustrations out on Kodai for his inability to do anything, only Nakagura and Yuki (who snapped out of her hypnosis) are willing to break the fight. Elsewhere, the engine encounters a problem, but in reality it is Kiiman and Sanada emitting a frequency that would negate the hypnosis caused by the fireflies.

This cures every one of the hypnosis, and snapping Saito and Kodai back to themselves. Making his way to the engine room, Sanada and Tokugawa are coming up with a way to get rid of the fireflies but there is no way to do so without destroying the Yamato. Analyzer though comes in time and sprays the engine room, killing the bugs. It seems Dr. Sado had an anti-viral medicine that he managed to employ on the space fireflies. Sanada disrupted the hypnosis, while Sado killed the bugs. Sanada though notes it was Kiiman’s observations that led to the counter-hypnosis.

Speaking of Kiiman, alone in a corridor, Katsuragi asks if his device is still intact, and promises not to tell anyone. Back on Telezart, the planet emits a new cosmo wave and the crew is given more clues from their respective ghosts. Sanada getting more encouragement from Mamoru Kodai, while Susumu Kodai is encouraged by Captain Okita.

It seems everyone now has seen Teresa’s follow-up, including the Cosmo Marines/Space Cavalry and Captain Hijikata, thus bringing them into the Yamato brotherhood. It seems though that for Saito, a familiar ghostly silhouette was his calling.

With the crisis over, Sanada points out that Earth has given them full discretion on how to proceed. Kodai urges them forward, that while Teresa is praying for their intervention, humanity will come forward and won’t stop either.

In an after credits scene, Emperor Zworder greets his guest, a rescued Dessler, who is granted a fleet for his use and asked to show the Gatlanteans the meaning of the word ‘tenacity’, pointing him towards the Yamato.

Episode Thoughts:

Really not much I can say about this. We’re starting to see new players come out into the open, and it seems that Zworder has finally fully revealed himself to the Yamato crew. I wonder about the process of conversion Gatlantis goes with the dead. From the looks of it, merely resurrected beings have a less area of effect than say, pure Gatlantis body, hence why Kodai and Saito survived the dead Professor’s self-destruct sequence, and why the three Garmilas vessels didn’t instantly explode into dead meat.

As is with most things, I’m unable to fully follow the philosophical ramblings, and tried my best with the subtitles but even I have a hard time understanding. Gatlantis for one reason or another have the secret to true happiness, unburdened by the pesky demands of emotion.

It does show that love, human love, isn’t dictated by one man alone. Maybe it is not understood in a cloned society, but Yuki breaking the rules should be a reminder of that. Hell, even in his own forces, the camaraderie seems to be fostering familiar bonds. Hell, Zworder seems to be holding a something of an attachment to whoever Katsuragi is or was.

Episode 10 wasn’t as bad, it reminded me of when the yamato was under a similar freaky spell, though with that episode, it was much creepier due to the actual ‘out of body saboteur’ that was the Jirelian Mirenel Linke. These felt more like will o’ wisps, who were going to lead the Yamato crew to disarray and away from their beaten path.

The big news of course is Dessler’s return, and the fact that in a surprising display of magnanimity, gave the ‘king of a nation’ his chance to right the wrongs and face his foe once more. No doubt this is where we’ll see if Kiiman’s sabotage goes through, or if he has any ties to the returned king in any way.

I won’t apologize for how long this took, I have no words. It was meant to be done within a week of the first half, now it’s almost the end of the month. I have no one by my own laziness to blame. By the time the next set are out, we’ll be in the next anime season, and I will be blogging some shows in the Spring season.


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