Quick Thoughts: Last Season’s Loose End

Sleep doesn’t sound too bad either. Art by lilywhite lilyblack on pixiv.

So I’ve been putting off writing this for a few reasons, mostly personal. So far for this season I don’t see any blog-worthy series to write about. I’d suggest following Infinite Zenith for that, though I might touch upon a show or two. The summer travel season is in full swing and for those who have long since figured out my employment know what it means.

Anyways, to the loose ends.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes -Die Neue These-:

Since last writing about it, the lull before the storm came. Flushed with the victory disease after the capture of Iserlohn fortress, the Alliance has dedicated their lives, treasury, and sacred honor to ‘liberate’ the people of the Empire from the tyrannical Goldenbaum dynasty (during an election year by the by). With a battle plan that any student of military history could see is doomed to fail, a politically connected staff cretin sends nearly the entire mobile force of the Alliance Navy into Imperial territory where Admiral Reinhard von Lohengramm punishes the poorly led Alliance fleets into a decisive final battle, to be aired next year.

Throughout the series’ run, I’ve wondered if a theatrical run would’ve done a better job in capturing the spirit of the OVAs. The next story arc for DNT would be released in a series of films next year, and maybe then would it finally pick up and be ‘exciting’. Princess Principal is doing this as well, though in all fairness between the two franchises, a lot more emotion was riding on DNT and when it failed to meet many fans high expectations did it seem to wane in interest with people. Especially since space opera as a genre is really very niche.

My biggest gripes had always been the lack of timestamps, which changes the flow of the battles and does not allow the viewer to understand the vast scale and distance each fleet action is presented. I am utterly annoyed at the truncated Castrop Rebellion which would’ve established Siegfried Kircheis as a capable leader and the effects of his leadership upon one Bruno Bergengrun.

Otherwise most other complaints I have are small in comparison and I tend to chalk it up to animation changes or condensing a story. I wasn’t too happy with the changes in character design for many characters but I felt that some had absolutely hit their mark, namely Frederica Greenhill and Edwin Fischer.

So my final thought on Legend of the Galactic Heroes -Die Neue These- is this. It has brought new life to a franchise beloved by many, but the curse of high expectations, certain animation changes, and truncating and/or expanding some plots or subplots left it feeling like a series was mediocre at best, though in reality it took more than the usual three episodes for it to truly get its momentum underway.

So for now, it’s in the ‘watch after’ category. The OVA has aged gracefully, though some scenes the new series has done better (the Alliance Council’s meeting where they vote to invade the Empire to me is a prime example of this). I personally wouldn’t suggest watching DNT for someone who is just getting into the franchise, but it is situational. Die Neue These can cater to some whose tastes cannot stand to be slogging through an episode full of dialogue, but it isn’t going to blow the socks off of anyone.


The Expanse is good, a few changes and characters were melded into others. Drummer ended up being ‘Bull’ Baca and Ashford wasn’t too crazy. I mean, I can heap praises, because that’s all that’s gonna come out of my mouth at this point.

My only annoyance was really why I felt bad for Diogo when he got splattered. Hell even Ashford seemed ready to space him in that episode.

So yes, it’s quick, not really well thought out, I am now going back to laying down on my bed and wishing today would repeat tomorrow and work wouldn’t be horrible for just another day.


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