Quick Thought – End of Summer Summary

To say I’ve grown tired of blogging is an understatement. My last entry was in July, and it is now September. I can’t really use my work as a shield, it might just be a general apathy to what’s being aired nowadays. The last series to really catch my had been Kino no Tabi and Re:Creators.

So to get this out-of-the-way, I had gotten a tad confused with the mid-point arc for Space Battleship Yamato 2202. Was Kiiman was bad guy or not, and in these four episodes, we find out he is actually Dessler’s nephew. Dessler had embarked on his expansionist crusade due to the dying Garmillan planet. Having resurfaced and taken the expeditionary forces of the Yamato hostage on Telezart, Kiiman manages to use this opportunity to find out who he truly is.

Back on Earth, in the time warp, the Yamato crewmembers who had been left behind are working in the dimensional rift to come up with a weapon to defeat Gatlantis. Speaking of Gatlantis, the white comet meets the Earth Defense Fleet in Jupiter. Initially overpowering the patrol fleet, Earth’s newest ships warp in and decimate the Gatlanteans before Jupiter is wrecked by the appearance of Gatlantis.

Exposed to be a massive construct, this devastates the EDF fleet, and the Andromeda is saved with the sacrifice of a sister ship.

Back at Telezart, Kiiman frees the Yamato crew and has them escape. He is injured in the attempt and is rescued by Akira. Kiiman was a double agent, using this to flush out the remnants of the pro-Dessler faction by the pro-Democracy government and arresting the former leader of the Imperial Guard.

They Yamato heads to bring the fight to Gatlantis, as Gatlantis’ crazy emperor wishes to utilize the power of Telezart to wish everyone into non-existence with that power. While Kiiman has made up his mind, the emperor chooses another unwitting pawn to advance his plans, using this vulnerable emotion called love.

Thoughts? I was confused in the buildup prior to these four episodes and it required a re-watch a few times to get it. And even then I doubt I truly did. Yamato is finally picking up, and this is where my lack of prior knowledge of the series is showing.

I hope we can get to, as crudely as I can explain, the ‘shooty shooty bang bang’ part of the story now. I think that’s what a hit is or miss for me for some shows, is the long talky bits. I can’t say I’m not intrigued by it, the long talky bits in some shows like Legend of the Galactic Heroes were often my favorite parts, but it’s this one that just confuses me.

Also, my summary is just as confusing, as I’m jumping in and out of episodes. It’s not the best but frankly, I can’t find myself to settle down and give this show a proper episodic review.


As for my absence from blogging, I’ve probably reached the point of blogger burnout. Have a bit on my plate and been turning into other forms of amusement to destress, and unfortunately lately it has not been anime. I’ve been listening to audiobooks more often lately as a way to destress at work. Blogging will pick up soon, I’m due to leave for Japan on the 25th of October and will spend roughly a week there before dropping down to the Philippines to see family and friends.

I’m frazzled, since I take my vacation in one massive chunk rather than spread it out throughout the year, and so I cannot wait to finally have some time to relax.

To top it all off,  above are screenshots, and also some pictures I took of the annual open house at the local tank restoration place will eventually be added in. Unfortunately I won’t get more pictures or video due to the event being cancelled tomorrow due to rain. The parade field would turn into mush and would probably cause several of the restored vehicles to be stuck or throw a track, throwing away weeks of hard work by volunteers.


About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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