Quick Thought: Ships and Tanks

Once again writing this while I’m not in Japan anymore.  Yet another quick thought, this time focusing on more naval ships, ramen, and I get a blister walking a kilometer. One I stupidly drained later that day.

The day after, I decided to head to Yokosuka and look for a ramen shop that was highly raved by a friend of mine. He and I met a long time ago on GaiaOnline, and while he didn’t go into the Air Force, he went into the US Navy as a nuclear technician and had been forward deployed to Fleet Activities Yokosuka. Now he’s been telling me of all these wonderful places to eat, and one of the places he’s talked about was Ramen Mutsumiya.

Ramen Mutsumiya was alright, simple ramen fare. Apparently there are other places that serve up much more delicious fare but this was the one recommended to me by a former serviceman. I got the miso-based soup, something simple and delectable. Lunch over, I went ahead to Mikasa memorial park, walking along the outskirts of FA Yokosuka until I came across the old battleship.

The battleship is preserved well enough, but due to utter neglect it took under occupation many areas weren’t as well restored. Some areas had whole sections renovated to serve as a gallery of sorts, of artifacts of the ship and its pivotal role as Admiral Heihachiro Togo’s flagship in the Russo-Japanese War.

There were some interactive displays and audio boxes set throughout the ship but overall, it isn’t in the same league as the two other historical ships it shares a partnership with; the USS Constitution in Boston and HMS Victory in London. Also within and around Yokosuka, there were lots of tie-ins with High School Fleet, which seems like a given considering that the girl’s homeport was Yokosuka.

Making my way back to Tokyo, I stopped by Toho Cinemas Ueno and bought myself a ticket for the next chapter of Space Battleship Yamato 2202.

After initially not planning to go to Ooarai (the trip to Mikasa was supposed to have been the replacement to it), the next day I decided not to spend my fortune and days in Akihabara and instead went and took the limited express line to Mita. I had left rather early, in order to be back in Tokyo without truly hitting the late afternoon rush, but in my haste I had discovered that I had left the day’s budget back at the hotel room. Arriving at the platform to head to Ooarai, I discovered I did not have the necessary funds to get there, and I dismayed over this.

Only to find that I had actually stuck the money in a different pocket of my passport wallet. Finding a money exchanger was a different matter and might’ve gotten in trouble due to stuff lost in translation at the local bank but that was sorted. An hour after arriving in Mita, I took the train to Ooarai.

A quaint little town, I rode on the promotional train covered in Girls und Panzer stickers and outfitted with sunshades featuring the main characters. Arriving at Ooarai station, I made a beeline straight for Ooarai tower, finding little promotional placards and cutouts of various girls along the way.

Making my way up the tower, I stopped at the lower level café where I had a light lunch and tea, observing the port below before snapping more pictures at the observation deck above. As I walked back to the station, I had declined to take the full Otaku tour as recommended by the tourist shop in the station, though I did bid fare-thee-well to a trio of other American otakus doing the full pilgrimage around the town. The main reason for this was as rooted into wanting to spend more time in Akihabara as it did not wanting to be stuck somewhere with little Japanese proficiency.

The trip back was more uneventful than my trip there, and after wandering around Akihabara for a place to eat, ended up spending once again in Electric Town and sinking more money into KanColle Arcade.

Next: Space Battleship Yamato 2202 and an End.

About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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