Encore: One Last Round – Akihabara, Manga Café, and Narita

As my big overseas trip comes to a close today, writing this partially at a manga café and probably finishing and uploading it as I wait in Narita. It has been a fun trip, and I honestly would love to do it again.

Processing through Haneda was quite easy, the only hold up to be quite honest being the usual carousel wait for luggage. Filling up my Pasmo, headed to Akihabara where I stuffed my luggage and backpack into a coin locker and made one final mistake.

I admit, I need to level my girls more and I did rather badly. But I got Tenryuu and only spent 1000Yen on it. I actually spent more on dinner.

As the console locked down prior to the arcade closing, I said my goodbyes to my secretary ship and hopefully she’ll still be there in two years.

Made my way to the internet/manga café called nagomi style café AKIBA. Numerous booths were inside with floor to ceiling height bookcases. Having arrived late, I only paid for the 6 hour overnight block though tacked on luggage storage and a shower to it. It’s pretty nice, for roughly no more than 30USD. (No photography allowed tho.)

After a night of typing and taking advantage of the free drinks machines (and a small nap), I made my way to Narita via the Ginza line and on the Keisei Skyliner (the place feels weird with only me waiting on a train). Check-in was easy upon arriving, and I killed about an hour having breakfast and looking through the Cospa satellite outlet before going through security and immigration. I did get bumped out of my seat to one further back, but considering I’d have the whole row to myself, I think it’s a fair trade.

So I sit here in this reclining seat over at my gate, and stare at the Boeing 777 that’s going to take me back to the United States, I look back at my trip. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, three weeks to me is enough.

Sure, I could’ve juggled places here and there, my Japan leg could’ve been longer to accommodate a full day visiting Ooarai or even going to ogle around Sapporo, but it’s considerations for next trip. There were parts I hated and parts I loved. Japan’s public transportation system is pretty top notch, while the Philippines just surprises me with the places to eat.

I would pack less next time and also consider bringing a smaller file folder. Doujinshi was the second biggest money sink in Akihabara and next time I will not be afraid, or prideful, of asking for help to locate an artist from the member of staff.

And I swear I will leave a budget solely for Kantai Collection arcade, if it is still running two years from now.

I hope to do this more often, and in shorter intervals. I want to be able to visit other countries too, now that I enter middle age. But now?

I wanna go back home, to my own bed.

About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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