Quick Thought: Philippines – Family, Friends, and Heat

The remaining two weeks of my vacation was spent in the Philippines. Now that I decided this will be a thing, I intend to vary my stays in the two island nations here and there whenever I go. But for now, this year was a year for friends and relaxing on my own.

The Philippines to me is a nation best left when looked through rose-tinted glasses. I hold a strong emotional attachment to the people there but not much with the country. After landing at Ninoy Aquino International Airport, my cousin and his contracted driver picked me up and we went straight to Tarlac City. My relatives in Tarlac City were quite happy to see me, even if I was only there for a few days. It was a bit of a whirlwind tour as family who were nearby caught up and much food was had.

As my previous posts pointed out, I’ve been making horrible mistakes here and there and I was quite low on funds. I did get paid but I did an oops when I was wiring money to myself. Made a mistake and wired twice; and while my account had the money, it would’ve killed me. Long story short, it was taken care of and one of the wire transfers was cancelled.

After Tarlac City, I made my way to Manila where I met with friend. On Saturday the 10th I was visited by two people I met in World of Tanks. One person was a big fan of Kamikaze from Kantai Collection and I had bought him some R18 doujinshi, along with some Azur Lane stuff. He was quite pleased, but little did he know that he was going to be the butt of our jokes that day.

He also got a shirt indicating his SCP object class is keter, in reference to his cooking which would give Hiei a run for her money.

Who the hell puts pineapple chunks in sizzling sisig. Actually, canned sisig. And cinnamon. And using coffee for rice. I’m amazed he hasn’t burned down all of Cavite.

Later that evening, I met with some friends to celebrate a birthday. Good food, good drink, and good company. Drank some local rum called Don Papa, including a limited batch run of 300. Like, no second batch, there are 300…well 296 bottles in circulation. Must be nice to be connected.

On Sunday the 11th, met with my cousin to visit graves. My aunt died a few years ago, and my uncle the last year. I am eternally grateful I was able to meet him my last trip home, to see and talk to him. We knew he was in bad shape, just not how bad until he was admitted to the hospital. He was never really the same when my aunt died, he was a devoted husband and father.

Though taking an hour-long car ride to the outskirts of the Metro Manila area when you’re slightly hung over is not really the best. I had car sickness, as Philippine roads aren’t as smooth as Japanese roads.

I was unable to meet with one friend and it was a massive oversight on my part, I hope I’m able to meet once again next time around. I did meet with another, who took me to Greenhills mall. Had some food, and then he showed me around the various model shops. Never had my credit card been in more danger in the Philippines. It was like being back in Akihabara or that model shop in Kure.

In all, my trip in the Philippines involved a lot of sitting in traffic, meeting friends, and lazing in bed in my rented condo, watching whatever was on the Animax channel.

TL;DR: Had a good time visiting and connecting with people, wouldn’t want to live here. I miss Winter.

About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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