A Send Off to 2018: Reminiscing

Sleep doesn’t sound too bad either. Art by lilywhite lilyblack on pixiv.

So, as I type this a day or so before the end of the year, I look back at a year that has been illuminating as well as filled with some dips and heights. Long or short, I guess I should get on it, right?

Anime Blogging:


I’m pretty sure those who still have me bookmarked or looking at would wonder why I’ve more or less ‘stopped’ anime blogging. I’m on hiatus for the foreseeable future. Not really a loss, for everyone that drops or goes on hiatus, more come about. Some do it with aplomb and a YouTube channel. Some with deeper thoughts or with a bit more comprehension as opposed to my ramblings.

I am going to continue with Yamato 2202, and while I was going to discuss Goblin Slayer, everything from the scandalous first episode to the excellent decision to switch the Water Town and Farm arcs around is being said by others. I enjoyed the show, and I’m hitting myself for not picking up on it. I do have Slime Isekai on the back burner, so I’ll end up watching that soon.

So we’ll see, I won’t rule out blogging, just I’ve not had a series pull my attention before airing and kept my interest throughout.


Other Things:

As of the time of this writing, I am furloughed. Unfortunately, as an ‘essential employee’, I am still working. Whee shutdowns of any type are fun, amirite?! But enough about politics.

I’m now thirty years old, I have a nephew, and I’m enjoying my life. I guess things could be better. I didn’t make the cut for a promotion at work, though I’m now pushing my resume out there and hoping that a door will stay open for new opportunities. I’m still SOL on the romance department but I’m guessing that’s a thing now.

Y’alls have a Happy New Year, and see you in 2019.


About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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