Quick Thought: Magical Girl SpecOps Asuka (Episode 2) and Restlessness

Today will be short, and I apologize, I’ve been really apathetic lately. Not getting paid is a thing but I still slog on. Anyways, the second episode solidifies this as a ‘follow’ for me. And I do understand why someone in a Discord channel I’m in calls it “Magical Girl PTSD” anime.

Episode Summary and Thoughts:

If last episode was John Wick, this one continues it a bit more, with a little bit of the counter-terror action show 24. Government sponsored magical girls running amok, of course there would be some who don’t exactly “fit” in that world. Not all of them are allies of justice.

Abby and her ‘Queen’ are a pair of magical girls who seem to be bankrolling the terrorist organization from the first episode. With their leader pronounced dead, they’ve really ramped up the carnage by the way of a gift from their ‘illegal’ or evil magical girls. A Disas beast is spotted in town, ending Asuka’s walk home with her friends. When it is mentioned that War Nurse Kurumi is battling the Disas beast, she runs to it.

It’s revealed that Asuka had been the one that pushed Kurumi into the Magical Girl life by promising to protect her as she isn’t combat oriented. Unfortunately right now, Kurumi is the only Magical Girl currently active in japan, and now she was tasked with taking down the creepy as all hell teddy bear which was just playing with a human head when we first see it.

Talk about traumatizing. War Nurse Kurumi manages to inject it with something that melts its skin, but it is still too tough for the support focused Magical Girl.

Regardless, Asuka saves her friend, defeats the bear, and afterwards is fully drawn back in when Kurumi reminds her of her promise those years ago. That she’d protect her as she has no combat potential.

Speaking of combat potential, Abby is a little miffed that her Queen’s present was destroyed by the resurfaced Asuka, and takes it out on a Tokyo Metropolitan Police officer, brutally stabbing him in the eye and killing him after he got too curious when he tried to shoo her away from the combat area. Later on, Kurumi joins Asuka’s class as a transfer student.

And that’s the basic jist of the episode, it’s also revealed that athletic Nozomi’s father works for the National Police Agency (the overarching authority over all the smaller prefectural and metropolitan departments). While he tells her all he does is boring paperwork but is quite important; this little white lie was to protect her due to his actual job being an ‘interrogator’. Considering that to the world, Kim Kanth (the terrorist leader) is dead, and his office doesn’t exactly exist (and the fact he considers this personal due to Sayako almost getting killed), it seems he is in his element.

Hence the mention about 24.

Overall, the only part I really didn’t like was the battle with the Disas, and it’s mainly because I was revolted at the Disas on some level. I’m already disliking Abby mainly due to her infatuation with her ‘queen’. I am curious though if that was truly Constantine Asimov in the rooftop penthouse in Tokyo or someone else. And if it is, is Abigail and her Queen being funded by the Russian Federation (either through the Russian mob or some secretive deniable part of the government) or if he had set out on his own after the battle at Mt. Aso.

Regardless, I’m looking forward for more, and I’m guessing the American Magical Girl will be featured this week.

Episode Gallery:


Anyways, I tossed this rather half-hearted post out mainly due to a general restlessness I’ve been feeling lately. It really picked up on Sunday, and I’ll be frank. It’s just worrying about my future. My future is ‘stable’ financially. Until it isn’t, especially if you work under the Federal government. I really try to avoid speaking politics on my blog now that I’m a Federal officer but I’m worried. And while I consider my current job satisfactory, and have been working on moving up the ladder, it has been a rough six years at times.

Especially when I go through the yearly proficiency testing. And I’m on a tangent.

Looking back, WordPress had said this was my ninth year since logging on with them. While I’ve only been truly blogging for roughly 6 years, it was nine years ago that I actually signed up for a class assignment.

Well, whee.

Back to dinner I guess.


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