Quick Thought: Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka (Episode 8 – You’ll Be a Wonderful Magical Girl)

So, another quick thought. This one is late once more, seems like I’ve been sick or had my attention elsewhere for the past few weeks. And the preview picture is probably the happiest I had for screenshots. Mia being molested is also a plus.

Episode Thoughts:


Hokay, the crazy train doesn’t stop with Abigail. Is it just me or are the only sane Magical Girls in this show as of right now being Asuka, Mia, and Tamara? Abigail? Axe murderer crazy. Chisato and Kurumi? Yandere crazy. Although Kurumi is probably not on Nice Boat levels. Chisato is kinda fawning over Giess because let’s face it, she had a shit life.

So let’s talk crazy shall we? Kurumi is really moving towards Abigail in ‘people I’m not really liking’. While Abigail to me is really more batshit insane crazy, Kurumi to me is much scarier when I ponder on it. She isn’t there to torture and kill for the hell of it, no. She’s a well-intentioned extremist. She takes jobs that she believes would hurt Asuka. By that statement alone you’d think she’s crazy, her combat capabilities aren’t anything to write home about when comparing her to anyone else.

What she meant she does the ‘dirty’ work. She would be in some circles a ‘professional’. Her mundane colleague would no doubt be Nozomi’s father, both interrogators. One dealing in fists and pliers, the other with magic and bondage gear. Though one might be driven by duty, the other by a misplaced infatuation.

Unlike Abigail and her ‘Queen’, there is no sign that Asuka acknowledges or accepts Kurumi’s love. Kurumi was in a tight spot, being bullied with no one sticking up for her, to the point she was close to using her magical powers to kill her tormentors and anyone letting it happen. She’s forever stuck in that moment. Finally realizing, or at least knowing that Asuka is mentally hurt from the war makes her want to do something to shield her, which I think isn’t the best way to go about it.

That said, Chisato fawning over Giess might be the same, though unlike Kurumi going to great lengths to conduct the dirty work to keep Asuka out of it, Giess showed up to offer Chisato a choice. And in a way, allowed her to get over her trauma in a fucked up method. First by killing her tormentor, then by allowing her to kill the four people that had made her life an utter living hell. Her mother wasn’t the best mother when viewed from certain angles, but for Chisato, she was a caring woman who made mistakes in her life, but had always supported her. Her deadbeat (and now dead) father was never worth a damn, and it seemed like Chisato’s mother supported all three of them not only through funds but also at home, no doubt shielding her from the asshole.

So given this opportunity to find some meaning in her life, she latches onto Giess. Giess is no stranger to conflict, and the same way he was recruited into the Babel Brigade he did to Chisato. So maybe we have another Kurumi forming? Or at least, Abigail? Who knows what’ll happen when Giess gets hurt, all I can see is that Asuka, Mia, and Tamara will have a fight on their hands.

Where was I going with this?

Oh right, Kurumi scares me. I’m not fond of her, or her type to be honest. I’ve mentioned it before. Abigail already hit the ‘punch out’ button for me. Kurumi is there now. I’m not entirely offput by her work as an interrogator, just her infatuation with Asuka that annoys me. She isn’t ‘growing’ as a character, forever using Asuka as a crutch. Now I know some might say it’s crazy to consider this, but I’ll be honest.

Asuka also had a shit life, most of the characters, especially the magical girls, do so. I can’t imagine staying -sane- watching a comrade die in a manner like the still-unnamed brown-skinned magical girl did. Being eaten by a jelly trap and digested to bones within seconds. This is just one death in the many she had to experience that was very personal.

Asuka left that behind to try and start a new life, and now that her new life is in danger by the very world she just left, she dives right in to protect it. Kurumi never found that ‘out’. In my eyes, Kurumi seems to be the one who is cutting Asuka from her new world just so she can keep the object of her infatuation all to herself and never have to find a new meaning, a new beginning to fight for.

That in my eyes makes her even less of an interesting character than say, Mia or Tamara, who have also decided to continue their own secret (or not so secret for Mia) lives in the service of their nations. Their motivation is their duty to uphold the fragile peace the world has earned. Kurumi is to keep Asuka all to herself.


I’ve rambled on long enough.

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