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Three Episode Rule: Fairy Gone (Episodes 1 – 3)

I dunno what to think about this one. I kinda want to like it because it’s an interesting premise, but I’m not too fond of some of the CGI.  Housekeeping: Fruits Basket episode 4 blog post will be done later.

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Three Episode Rule: Fruits Basket 2019 (Episodes 1 – 3)

One housekeeping note, I did not do anything blogging related during my week off from work. It was a week of airsofting (and getting drenched), some heartaches with a computer build refresh, and smashing The Division 2’s endgame like a … Continue reading

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Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka: Final Thoughts

Not a whole lot of thinking today, to be quite honest. Sucked into The Division 2 and with MGSO Asuka’s ending, it kinda, well let’s see.  

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