Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Episodes 19 to 22

Now, I’ve been horribly behind on posting, especially this series. I have no excuses and to be honest, I’ll probably also do a quick thought on the last four episodes too. I saw these episodes in its theatrical run back in my trip to Japan, and now that I’m able to understand the talky bits, I can put in my very late two cents.


Episode Summary and Thoughts:

I had some initial impressions when I first saw these episodes in Japan, I only got the gist of it while in theatre. But there really isn’t much to gain now that subtitles were added as I was able to follow along even with my poor (read: near nonexistent) knowledge of Japanese. This is the penultimate arc of the series, as Earth unleashes all its acquired, repurposed, and experimental ships. Garmilas ships also partake in battle against the forces of Gatlantis, which does not seem to have an end.

As the Yamato is sucked in and crash lands with a skeleton crew in one of the planets within the Comet Empire, the crew that managed to make it off the ship is transferred to the Yamato’s sister ship, the Ginga. Led by Todou Saki, the crew are de facto led by the ship’s AI, who is there to learn of the Yamato crew’s methods as to distribute that knowledge to other AIs in the EDF. The crew of the Ginga are increasingly reliant on cybernetics and the AI, which worries the more traditional Yamato crew.

Back on the Yamato, while investigating ruins, Analyzer is hijacked by the more advanced AI and reveals Zorder’s history and the location of the Ark of Destruction, integrated into his throne room. This leads Zorder to destroy the planet (the ancient home of the people who created the Gatlantis) with the Yamato barely able to escape the destruction of the planet.

Yamanami arrives with a refitted Andromeda and attacks the White Comet directly, but is unable to break past the fleet stationed there and its defenses. Elsewhere, the Ginga is leaving the area, and it is explained to the Yamato crew that the Ginga was meant as a lifeboat, in case the Earth falls. The last ship alive, Yamanami fights on bravely but realizes the Yamato is alive. Yamanami makes an impassioned plea to help the Yamato but the AI on the Ginga states that their mission takes precedence. The Ginga’s Cosmo Reverse System can help destroy the gravitational field but would render it useless. Meanwhile, Hijikata implores Yamanami to live on, reminding him that they are not machines.

Torn between her orders and her convictions and feelings, Captain Todou destroys the Ship AI with several well-placed shots and orders the ship around to assist. The Ginga assists the Andromeda, damaging their Cosmo Reverse System to disable the gravity generator in the middle of the White Comet and rescuing the Yamato. Damaged completely, the Andromeda sinks but Yamanami is saved by Katou.

As the Yamato is repaired using panels and parts from the Ginga, various people are having their goodbyes. Lieutenant JG Yamazaki is tasked by Chief Engineer Tokugawa to guide the next generation of engineers, Ambassador Burrel eases Keyman’s feelings about his uncle (Dessler) being alive and his secret kept hidden from the populace (as well as teasing him about falling in love). Yamanami and Hijikata talking about their different paths for humanity’s future.

Yamato departs with a plan developed by Sanada with Katsuragi/Sabera’s information. Kodai still intends to open a dialogue with Zorder even after the battles. Yamanami grants him permission if he finds an opportunity but reminds him not to step beyond his limits. It is also here that suspicions grow of the spy within the Yamato, as Gatlantis has the ability to ‘revive’ dead people into unwitting sleeper agents. The prime suspects being the UN Cosmo Marine Space Cavalry forces, which infuriates Saito.

The Yamato heads to the engagement zone, only to come across Desler and his handler and their ship, the Gatlantis re-created Neue Desura. Avoiding it’s shot with a warp jump, the Yamato rams into it allowing the ship to release Gatlantis mobile weapons into the interior, all according to plan. As the crew fights off the drones and infiltrates the Neue Desura to deactivate them, the mole in the Yamato is revealed to be Sergeant Major Saito, who does not take this revelation kindly.

Back on the Neue Desura’s bridge, Desler refuses to evacuate, instead confronting his nephew who asks him to instead ally with Earth. Before Desler could say anything, his Gatlantis handler shoots him. He tells Klaus to kill Desler, in order to save both Earth and Garmilas. This action would earn both a reprieve of 10,000 years, as Gatlantis still intends to eradicate all human life, and time being a non-issue for clones such as Gatlanteans.



This was as close to as concise as I can make it. Now, my thoughts on this center around a few things. The Ginga, Yamato, and humanity as a whole. These four episodes represent the notion of ‘humanity’ that has been the underlying theme throughout 2202, coming to a head with the revelation of Emperor Zorder’s past as the one artificial being who was as close to being human as humans; as well as choice between a cold unfeeling calculative future and one filled with human trials and tribulations.

The Ginga to me was a good ship, it was considered a ‘Yamato’ class but its inability to use its onboard weaponry is the big giveaway. An exploration vessel, it isn’t particularly great at fighting due to its inability to utilize its onboard weaponry. Even by how it looks, fits more like a colony ship than a warship. As for its crew, it was a ship full of Eves and no doubt had the AI gotten its way, the Yamato crew would be pressed to continue on the human race in hiding somewhere. I think it’s great then that Yuria married Toru while they were in the Time Fault, that means she kept him for herself.

But the rest of its crew scares me. You had the Ginga helmsman, Ichinose Mina, slowly replacing her body with artificial parts to shave off just fractions off of her response time. Trying to be more machine than human. The crew rubberstamping anything the advanced combat AI was presenting them. All surgical, all clinical. Devoid of what makes humanity, humanity.

The Yamato is still the Earth’s best chance against Gatlantis, but not because it had something powerful up its sleeve. In an era where most battleships are fitted with at least one wave motion gun and such weapons are commonplace, the Yamato is the shining beacon because its crew had faith. Faith in themselves, their ship, and those who went before them. Sure Analyzer is a great AI who helped the crew out in tough spots, but it is just a machine. The beating heart of the Yamato was the people who crewed her.

It is something that stood in stark contrast to the Ginga, who were on their way in losing their humanity to ensure the survival of the human race. What is the point of survival if you cannot distinguish yourself from any common animal?

Speaking of choices, Yamanami chose his path, it wasn’t necessarily the best path. He did it with the passion and heart of any ardent defender of the Earth had. He was just led astray by the power.

He made mistakes, and mistakes are what makes us human. Saki recognizes this and her executive decision to regain control of her ship snaps the bridge bunnies of the Ginga back to themselves. They’ve been dead set on escaping to survive and rebuild, but never on trying to fight back. It took Yamanami trying to sacrifice himself for the Ginga crew to realize there is more to the future than running away and living under constant fear of extermination.

One last thing, and it’ll be covered in later blog posts, is the revelation of who was the spy aboard the Yamato. It wasn’t too hard to realize this when the suspicion fell on the Space Cavalry, but it was still a shock when I saw the scene in theaters. It didn’t get any less shocking seeing it now.

Dessler’s ploy to get the Yamato trapped was a cunning move, though it seems it was more to get his nephew Ranhart/Klaus Keyman onto the bridge to have a talk between uncle and nephew. Something to do with ensuring the survival of all of Garmilas. And it is here that the 6th movie ended. With Abelt Dessler wounded and Klaus being pressured by the Gatlantis advisor, Mill, to make a choice.


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