Quick Thought: A Stroll Through Richmond

Took the opportunity to drive down to Richmond on Monday after work. I’m not as vocal of my gun rights as some, limited to discussing my view in person or liking/retweeting something on Twitter or adding a 240-character hot take. But with the slew of gun control bills my idiot governor and his allies have proposed, I decided to attend the Virginia Citizen’s Defense League’s lobby day. I originally wrote this up right after I got home but alas, I collapsed as I had already been up for 28 hours at that point. So please, click read more to see some of the pictures and my thoughts. It’s the first really political post I’ve had in awhile.

It was chilly day in the capital of the Old Dominion. I had managed to park at the VCDL’s parking area and took a coach bus into downtown where I wandered. The mood seemed festive, more a street market than a hot and heavy rally. Absent were the signs of a potential ‘Charlottesville’ or any sort of evil, nefarious White Supremacist majority. I relaxed as I slowly allowed the spin to just undo itself the more I wandered in the polite and respectable crowd.

Hawkers with typical memorabilia of Trump hats and typical tough gun guy hats and shirts were weaving through the crowds. Families strolled outside the gated area for the official VCDL gathering. I didn’t bother trying to get in to listen to the speakers, I felt the pulse of the rally was outside the ‘gun free zone’.

Outside the wall that Gov. Northam built, people of all walks of life, ethnicity, and political persuasion idled about in knots of like-minded 2A supporters, or streamed around. Many were taking pictures, streaming online, or taking videos. Many held signs, some waved flags, and almost all had the orange VCDL sticker with the slogan ‘Guns Saves Lives’.

As I wandered around, snapping pictures here and there of my fellow attendees, remarking on some of the gear and guns they had on and listening in on what few local news crews braved the cold and respectful distrust of the crowd, it was easy to see that this was not one monolithic group that the media talking heads possibly prayed for. It was people of all walks of life coming together to protest the attempt to deprive us law abiding from the law breaking, to turn us into law breaking people.

The talk about a potential ‘Charlottesville’ never came to pass. The closest remotely ‘riot’-like thing the cops had to do was rescue some dumb anti-Trump people. These people decided it was a perfect place to chant and rage against the President. They were drowned out by people yelling ‘Four More Years’ and ‘U-S-A!’

If anything, talking to one of the people there, it seems like some of the cops were eyeing the gear some had. Apparently one person I was speaking to near the end who had some friendly interactions with the one of the snipers on the rooftops. The fellow in question had brought his Ruger Precision Rifle in .338 Lapua and as he flexed and massaged his sore arm, recounted his experience. A simple wave between connoisseurs of precision long range weaponry.


We also made sure the place was as clean if not cleaner than we found it.

And that’s really the beauty of it. Defending our right to self-defense, the right to own firearms, is not a left wing – right wing matter to me. It’s an American matter, one I think Americans should really grasp and understand. It is a God given right, a natural right. If we allow ourselves to wander aimlessly in our lives with our heads in the sand, Americans should not be surprised that all that was taken away with no ability to get it back.

About Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

Conservative, Patriotic and an Otaku. Recent grad of George Mason University. I am interested in firearms, politics, Japanese Anime, and military tech.
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  2. D. Fosdick says:

    Thanks for being on the scene! Thanks for the post!

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