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Graf Zeppelin Came Home

This is a Kantai Collection related post, and also one that made me go ‘URK’ in terms of cost and whatnot. This isn’t some unboxing video or what have you, just some random normie (really, normie? -muse) posting about a … Continue reading

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Quick Thought: Blogging

Will be slow in releasing Kino no Tabi (2017) episode 7. Still kinda listing from the food and whatnot from younger sister’s wedding. I know it’s just another excuse but right now suffering through a headache.

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Another Year, Another Birthday

  You know, I’m really going to play Tim McGraw’s “Next 30 Years” next year.   It’s 0017 in the evening/morning, and I’m having some left over cake and hard cider. I don’t wanna comment about what I’ve experienced personally, … Continue reading

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Late Quick Thought: Sakura Matsuri DC and Kimi no Na wa

A few days ago I managed to make a quick visit to the Sakura Matsuri being held at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard. The highlight of the afternoon though was getting to see the North American theatrical premier of Kimi … Continue reading

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Scatterbrained – Prologue to Youjo Senki Impressions

Talking with a friend on Facebook about the end of Youjo Senki, and I think I finally admit it. I can barely write. I’m too scatterbrained to write something concrete and my muse too fleeting to pen something insightful apart … Continue reading

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Quick Thought – Convention Staffing, Dragons, NEET Angels, & Evil Lolis

It has been a few weeks since I last posted something on here, and quite a few things happened since then. I am expecting to write about my laptop replacement that should be in my hands by Monday, if not … Continue reading

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Status Update – February 2017

I know I haven’t blogged anything, giving myself a bit of a breather as I pursue other things outside of blogging. Youjo Senki might be talked about in a Quick Thought once episode 6 comes out, same goes for Miss … Continue reading

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Status Update – 11/12/2016

At hotel in Manila. Enjoying my last few days in-country. Blogging resumes when I return to the US. It’ll be for Izetta and Brave Witches. And maybe pictures of all the food I ate over here.    

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A Long-Awaited Trip – Day One

My long-awaited vacation back to the country of my birth, meeting with relatives who I’ve not seen for ages and meeting friends for the first time physically, but having talked and gamed with them for nearly as long. I hope … Continue reading

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Izetta: The Last Witch – Episode 5: A False Miracle

And so with the end of an old era and the start of the next, Izetta and Finé make their debut to a world that still believe in fairy tales. Some will take it at face value, some would scoff, … Continue reading

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