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Quick Thought: A Stroll Through Richmond

Took the opportunity to drive down to Richmond on Monday after work. I’m not as vocal of my gun rights as some, limited to discussing my view in person or liking/retweeting something on Twitter or adding a 240-character hot take. … Continue reading

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Quick Thought: A Tale of Two Cities: Japan Trip, Oct. 27 – Oct. 29

Greetings from Japan! I actually got to Japan on the 26th of October and stayed overnight before taking the shinkansen to Hiroshima then onto Kure where I’m currently staying. Waking up this morning in Japan, news came to me of … Continue reading

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Thus Passes Another Year

Yet another year, yet another reaffirmation of ‘never again’. The politics of the event is hard to ignore, as everyone has an opinion. So I honored the dead and the sacrifices of those who went in selflessly to rescue who … Continue reading

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Fourteen Years and Still Fresh in the Memory

The more things change, the more they stay the same. I really need to stop ranting. It looks bad and it flows badly when I re-read my stuff. But eh, for today’s subject, it can’t be helped.

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Gate – Episode 5: The Battle of Italica

“[N]o plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force.” – Helmuth von Moltke the Elder “Perfect plans, aren’t.” – Murphy’s Laws of Combat The episode introduced Princess Piña Co Lada, third princess … Continue reading

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ITAR and the First Amendment

So, going around the various gun blogs and sites, the language posted in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation that the U.S. State Department is ‘clarifying’ threatens to silence gun owners. Why should everyone be worried about this? It’s an … Continue reading

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Amusement and Vindication

I’ve said last year, that we should not be disheartened. That we should regroup, reload, and reengage. I believe we as a movement, as a people. People who love the American ideal of working hard, of getting your fair share … Continue reading

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A Sad Type of Smugness

A couple months ago, or rather during the presidential election. I had cause to be disheartened. President Obama won and what I thought and knew were important were swept aside by the ‘Forward’-ness. One thing that got me was a … Continue reading

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A Dearth of Posting

Hi there, seems like I’ve not touched this blog in months. I’m dearly sorry for that. First off, how am I? Truth be told, I’m a swirling ball of emotions that can have me go from joyous and happy, to … Continue reading

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LaRue and Top Gear

It is now 2055 EST, February 10th, 2013. I haven’t slept since…well 0200 of this morning. God what a day.

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