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Quick Thought: Boxes

  I had been sent home from work for reasons I won’t elaborate beyond ‘medical’. But while waiting in the parking lot of the urgent care, waiting for it to open so I can get checked out, read that a … Continue reading

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Brave Witches – Episode 9: Break Witches

And thus we finally get to an episode in which the popular in-universe and fandom nickname for the 502nd is revealed. And considering that opening, the deficiency in broken strikers might be made up for this episode?

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Warfighter: Middle Earth

Originally posted on The Angry Staff Officer:
When I think of the six warfighting functions I always think of J.R.R. Tolkien’s?The Lord of the Rings. What, you don’t? Let’s be honest, one does not immediately think of fantasy or science…

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Dragon Awards: the Aftermath and Beyond

Originally posted on The Liberty Zone:
I was going to ridicule Lena Dunham today, but screw her! The Dragon Awards have been announced, and they’re fantastic!!! First, let me explain. DragonCon took place this weekend in Atlanta, where the very first…

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A Pause for the Week

I am going to pause a for a bit this week. No posts about KanColle’s current event. Or Shooting Girls concurrent event. Or most likely even Gate’s seventh episode until Sunday at the earliest. We had a death in the … Continue reading

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Stumbling Through a New Japanese Browser Game

So…I joined the craze and on a region cookie’d IE11, I have a new browser game up. Heavens knows when we’ll get something like KCV for it. Anyways, copying the intro from a friend on facebook. You’re an instructor at … Continue reading

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Feeling Accomplished

Still nothing new, anime wise from me. Taking a season off is kinda relaxing on that front.   Cleaned desktop properly for the first time in ages. Well two years. Broken exhaust fan, might be the source of the overheating … Continue reading

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In which this ignorant ass redneck attempts to fisk one of them genius professorial types.

Originally posted on Mars Is:
Now y’all I unnerstan I aint exactly the most edumacted of men. Hell I dropped clear outta school back in my junior year for to enter the workforce. Hell the only thing I got going…

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CHRISTMAS NOUN 7: Attack of the Social Justice Noun

Originally posted on Monster Hunter Nation:
It is that time of year again, ‘tis the season, ‘tis the season for noun! Inspired by other bestselling Christmas novels about jars, boxes, letters, and sweaters, I decided that I too was entitled…

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Eleven Years

It’s been eleven years. Eleven years that had seen my beloved nation take a tragedy and, disbarring internal and external pressure, retaliated and brought to justice men and an organization committed to killing non-Muslims and Muslims not marching in lock-step … Continue reading

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