Three Episode Rule: Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka (Episode 1)

People keep asking if I’m back. And I haven’t really had an answer. But now, yeah, I’m thinkin’ I’m back!

-John Wick, John Wick (2014)


So, a coworker of mine and I tend to watch similar shows. We were gushing over Goblin Slayer last season, and while I don’t see him as often due to our new schedule change, I want to know what he thought of Mahou Shoujou Tokushusen Asuka (Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka). I mean, it got me back to at least doing a Three Episode Rule.


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A Send Off to 2018: Reminiscing

Sleep doesn’t sound too bad either. Art by lilywhite lilyblack on pixiv.

So, as I type this a day or so before the end of the year, I look back at a year that has been illuminating as well as filled with some dips and heights. Long or short, I guess I should get on it, right?

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Encore: One Last Round – Akihabara, Manga Café, and Narita

As my big overseas trip comes to a close today, writing this partially at a manga café and probably finishing and uploading it as I wait in Narita. It has been a fun trip, and I honestly would love to do it again.

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Quick Thought: Philippines – Family, Friends, and Heat

The remaining two weeks of my vacation was spent in the Philippines. Now that I decided this will be a thing, I intend to vary my stays in the two island nations here and there whenever I go. But for now, this year was a year for friends and relaxing on my own.

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Quick Thought: Akihabara, Yamato 2202 and the End

My last days were spent in Akihabara. I mean I know, it’s a thing now, and mistakes were mostly made. But I spent most of the time in my last two days mostly at the arcades or elsewhere, and milking the JR Rail Pass for as much as she was worth.

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Quick Thought: Ships and Tanks

Once again writing this while I’m not in Japan anymore.  Yet another quick thought, this time focusing on more naval ships, ramen, and I get a blister walking a kilometer. One I stupidly drained later that day.

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Quick Thought: Hakone and Mistakes Being Made

Sleep doesn’t sound too bad either. Art by lilywhite lilyblack on pixiv.

I write this with a growing sense of nostalgia. I’m currently at Haneda airport where I’m due to depart for Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL). I’m probably going to finish this blog post on board or in the Philippines. (Edit: Posted the next day at my cousin’s in Tarlac City.)

Blasted data cap in the hotel I was staying at in Tokyo. But then again for an overall stay of 110USD for 4 nights, I can’t complain.

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Quick Thought: A Tale of Two Cities: Japan Trip, Oct. 27 – Oct. 29

Battleship, reporting!

Greetings from Japan! I actually got to Japan on the 26th of October and stayed overnight before taking the shinkansen to Hiroshima then onto Kure where I’m currently staying. Waking up this morning in Japan, news came to me of a synagogue shooting, though the first thing I saw was the twitterverse condemning Trump for it.

Let’s just say my early morning (Japan time) comment on Facebook wasn’t well received by someone I know. She had survived Las Vegas and we are off on a agree to disagree setting. Anyways, about the subject of this quick thought.

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My Next Thirty Years

I think I’ll take a moment celebrate my age
End of an era and the turning of a page
Now it’s time to focus in on where I go from here
Lord have mercy on my next thirty years
– “My Next Thirty Years“, sung by Tim McGraw, written by Phil Vassar


眺めのいい所で一休み by Mochizuki Saku on pixiv

There could’ve been a lot of other things said today in a post. Another post could’ve taken this one’s place. But I think turning thirty is quite a feat. Especially back in my misguided youth, I’ve thought I wouldn’t live to see twenty-five and had a feeling of utter hopelessness and depression I barely told anyone outside of immediate friends. But things have changed in the five years since that self-appointed expiry date.


I now work for the US Federal Government, and as of this writing, I’ve been slated for a promotional interview, so good luck to passing that. I’m about ten days away from my now bi-annual overseas trip, this time I shall be spending one week in Japan before dropping down for two weeks in the Philippines. I bought a new car, I’ve made new friends, lost old ones, and discovered more about myself since then. I’ve covered a bunch of anime from Girls und Panzer which is a great staple, to Madan no Ou to Vanadis, which I want a new season of, to GATE which just ticks all the right-wing fantasies.

I became more politically active yet restrained under the previous administration, apprehensive but begrudgingly approving of the current one, dismayed at the tone and direction of political discourse in the United States, and praying that the fourth box of Liberty is never used, the first three sufficient to keep us going on for a next two hundred years.

I gained some followers and I am greatly appreciative of those who I have and still drop a like whenever I post, it means a lot to me that some people are still looking in at some dude’s part-time blog.

Reisen on a Computer, drawn by itsutsuki on pixiv.

So for now, I guess I’ll leave with this picture of my yearly tradition. I spruced it up a bit, a pair of NY Strip Steaks enjoyed with rice and downed with a bit of iced tea fortified by Evan Williams Honey Bourbon. Watching the Top Gear Vietnam Special from Series 12. Plans for later today is to head on to the range and spend some time punching paper at the local range and then heading over to my parent’s for a Birthday dinner.

So while I might’ve linked to the song I know I will be playing throughout most of today, I think the next song, from my favorite Country singer best exemplifies my mood.


Cheers y’alls. I’ll get back to aniblogging when I feel like it, consider this my notice of hiatus or at least intermittent activity.


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I’m an uncle!

My nephew was born this morning, September 30th, 2018.


I now need to lose weight, take up martial arts, and learn ancient Chinese secrets and magic.

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