Quick Thought – Convention Staffing, Dragons, NEET Angels, & Evil Lolis

It has been a few weeks since I last posted something on here, and quite a few things happened since then. I am expecting to write about my laptop replacement that should be in my hands by Monday, if not Tuesday. That’s probably one of the more exciting things about these upcoming months, and I am going on a trip on the 2nd of March. A quick one for the weekend to see my best friend graduate from Flight School down in Pensacola. So, let me ramble on for a bit eh?

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Status Update – February 2017

Sleep doesn't sound too bad either. Art by lilywhite lilyblack on pixiv.

Sleep doesn’t sound too bad either. Art by lilywhite lilyblack on pixiv.

I know I haven’t blogged anything, giving myself a bit of a breather as I pursue other things outside of blogging.

Youjo Senki might be talked about in a Quick Thought once episode 6 comes out, same goes for Miss Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon. Other than that, February is Katsucon, and unlike Anime USA, I’ll be working as a staff member, the first time doing so, and here’s to a new experience. I also have to call it quits on my current laptop, an ASUS 15-inch one with a touchscreen. I don’t know the exact model, just that fitted my needs. I decided on getting something a bit more robust and will probably take some actual abuse and maybe programming ineptitude to kill, and will probably talk about that when I’ve verified my purchase and it’s in front of me.

That said, I’ve heard nothing but praise for Xotic and might be a good waste of my tax refund (or the money the government holds hostage for some folks). I just need something I can game on the go and write my blog posts when I’m not at my actual desktop. With a 1050Ti, it’ll actually be a bit more modern than the 970 I have in my desktop, but it’s more or less me future proofing it for now. Yes I know I can put in a 1060 or better into it but the gaming intended for it will be light, more or less playing Civilization while I’m on flights or World of Warships while I’m at my parents house. I had considered the Dell 7567 even with the screen being so hated. Something about switching from an IPS panel from the previous 7559 to the TN, where I’ve noted it’s probably where they decided to save some money in order to shlep in a 1050 and 1050Ti series GPU into a 800-950USD range computer.

What made me shy away from that was the fact that any upgrades not bought from Dell would void the warranty (so you’re fucked apparently when you buy RAM from say, Amazon or Newegg), and the fact the computer I have an eye on has a bit more bells and whistles even though it ended up costing a bit more than the Dell when fully kitted. That and other things that had won over a friend who noted that the 6-cell battery is also removable.

Regardless, I know I’ll get some comments on here on why I didn’t just buy a cheap laptop or the Dell and all I’m going to say is: My Return.


As for what is going on now, I’m slightly under the weather but thankfully it’s at the tail end of it. The weather is really finicky, being in the mid 70s Fahrenheit yesterday to 30s today, and repeat that over the past few days, someone was bound to catch something, and I was that someone.

With that, I started to binge watch videos. One of the stuff I’m watching is actually the 18th Century Cooking series by the Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc company of historical reproductions. I gotta say, I kinda want some payne perdu now. This is like 3 years ago, where me being bedridden meant I binge watched what episodes of Mikakunin de Shinkoukei was out and I loved the romcom but really got enamored by the food porn.


Y’alls have a good time now, I’m back to bed trying to feel better. That way I can still justify going out to see John Wick 2 tomorrow.

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Three Episode Rule – Magical World War version Tanya

Another season, another show featuring an alternate-history world war with magic. This three episode rule is not going to be long, and is more of a quick thought than anything. Nothing substantial or even an episode summary will be posted. That said, I may speak too fondly of things that really make sense and will more or less be nagging, so if that’s the case I should get right down to business. I’m liking it, not sure if I’m gonna blog though.


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Brave Witches – Episode 12: Shining with Light . . .


Thus ends the third anime series in the now expanding World Witches franchise. It seems just like yesterday that trawling the /k/ board on 4chan led me to the work of Shimada Fumikane back when I was just a wee freshman in high school. Three animated series, a series of OVAs, and a movie later, his drawings of moe anthropomorphised military vehicles has become its own little niche market.


EDIT: Reflected to fix a mistake while in initial draft that I didn’t catch until now. My apologies.

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Brave Witches – Episode 11: We Won’t Know Until We Try


Hikari leaves on a jet plane train, unsure if she’ll ever be back again. And that was painful to write. Regardless, we’re now at the penultimate episode of the series, and it can’t be a Strike Witches episode 11 without something coming up to ruin higher command’s perfectly laid plans.

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Izetta: The Last Witch – Episode 12: Izetta


Izetta’s final episode leaves much to be desired. It isn’t the best, but it isn’t the worse. This episode is the last of what should’ve been a longer series, and with how it ended, it’s quite doubtful we’ll see any more of Archduchess Ortifiné Fredericka von Eylstadt and Izetta, the last witch.

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Brave Witches – Episode 10: Big Sister and Little Sister


I have two sisters, both younger. I love em to death but sometimes they annoy me. No doubt they do the same to each other. Sometimes they agree, sometimes they fight, sometimes they talk past each other, and sometimes they understand without a word.

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Izetta: The Last Witch Episode 11


Sickness, it seems, is not done with me yet. Currently dealing with a cold with chills, so my thoughts on the whole thing is going to be very short. It’s the penultimate episode of the series, and my review of episode 12 next week will be delayed due to a family outing.

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Brave Witches – Episode 9: Break Witches


And thus we finally get to an episode in which the popular in-universe and fandom nickname for the 502nd is revealed. And considering that opening, the deficiency in broken strikers might be made up for this episode?

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Izetta: The Last Witch – Episode 10: The Iron Hammer of the Witch


With the shocker that was last episode, I think the rushed plot of the show at least makes some sense in this episode, but it’s still a lot to take in. The conquest of Europe goes swimmingly well for the Greater Germanian Empire. What can possibly go wrong? (Don’t Say That!)

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