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Quick Thought: Magical Girls, Division Agents, and Other Such Things

So, I was accepted into The Division 2’s Private Beta the past week. That has somewhat pushed back my planned five episode thoughts on The Rising of the Shield Hero, as well as combining my thoughts on the game with … Continue reading

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Quick Thought: Ships and Tanks

Once again writing this while I’m not in Japan anymore.  Yet another quick thought, this time focusing on more naval ships, ramen, and I get a blister walking a kilometer. One I stupidly drained later that day.

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Quick Thought: Hakone and Mistakes Being Made

I write this with a growing sense of nostalgia. I’m currently at Haneda airport where I’m due to depart for Ninoy Aquino International Airport (MNL). I’m probably going to finish this blog post on board or in the Philippines. (Edit: … Continue reading

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Status Update May 26th, 2018 – Ain’t Dead Yet!

So, my blogging has taken a hit hasn’t it? I guess I might as well state my case, but no, not gonna hang up my hat just yet. Nor take another break. Lately work has piled up. It isn’t a … Continue reading

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Graf Zeppelin Came Home

This is a Kantai Collection related post, and also one that made me go ‘URK’ in terms of cost and whatnot. This isn’t some unboxing video or what have you, just some random normie (really, normie? -muse) posting about a … Continue reading

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Quick Thought: KanColle and the Weekend

A quick little thing. I finished Kantai Collection’s Fall 2017 event. An event that apparently had 60% completion rate for an event of it’s size. And most of those completing it were doing so in ‘Easy’. Not ‘Medium/Normal’ or ‘Hard’. … Continue reading

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Three Episode Rule – Wonderlands, Clocks, and Fantastic Things Comes Alive

So, Spring 2017 is three weeks in with a bunch of series already making for their fourth episodes, I might as well give a short thought to each of the series I’m trying to keep track of this season. Around … Continue reading

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Tank Farm 2016

And so after the rained out event from last year, I managed to attend, rather briefly I might add, this year’s ‘Open House’ event at the Virginia Museum of Military Vehicles. I’m still suffering from the lingering after-effects of the … Continue reading

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Summer 2015 Event – Kantai Collection

This event was badly made, with the only notable rewards being the Yamato Radar, Hayasui, Teruzuki, and the Cranes Catapult. I still stake the claim that the event came about because of the previous events being hailed as ‘easy’ by … Continue reading

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Only Took Me a Year (and Six Months, Twenty Five Days)

One year, six months, and twenty-five days since logging in for the first time onto KanColle, and deciding to do a 555/555/555/555 build to clear the first crafting tutorial, I got to achieve one of my goals.     There … Continue reading

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