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8.0 Update – Initial Impressions

So on September 26th, 2012, World of Tanks finally released its long-awaited 8.0 update. It brings along a new host of things that are visually appealing, tactically challenging, and even more enjoyable game.

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A Return To Pandora, Part 2: Weaponry

87 bazillion guns. Is that even a proper unit of measurement? (No it’s not.) Other post title choices would’ve been “A fantastic day for capitalism” (Which is Ironic because Vladof guns have a distinctively Communist Revolution flavor to it) and … Continue reading

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A Return to Pandora, Part 1: Character and Gameplay

Sorry, when I meant Pandora, I meant the setting for Gearbox Software’s Borderlands video game. I had pre-ordered the second one and on day one, started my quest for yet a new vault on this arid world, filled with all … Continue reading

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Writing Thoughts (Derailed)

It doesn’t help that this particular song is being played while I write this, and thus my train of thought got derailed.     Goddamnit Otoha…I mean Dex.     Regardless, I thank the few who follow the blog, if … Continue reading

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Larry Correia Visits My Area

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to post this. Larry Correia visited the area last week, and I got to meet him at both Fort Belvoir as well as NOVA Armament in Herndon. Very awesome guy.

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Testing The Waters

An announcement of sorts. With the upcoming Winter 2012 Anime Season upon us, I’ve once again picked up a niche series and will be watching it all the way through. The series is Girls Und Panzer (Here’s the Anime News … Continue reading

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What In The World?!

I’m gonna lay it straight here. To those who are following this on twitter? You know who you are. This will downright offend you.

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Himmelsdorf Facelift

  Himmelsdorf got a facelift, and how I feel it would work to my advantages as an Tank Destroyer person.

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Eleven Years

It’s been eleven years. Eleven years that had seen my beloved nation take a tragedy and, disbarring internal and external pressure, retaliated and brought to justice men and an organization committed to killing non-Muslims and Muslims not marching in lock-step … Continue reading

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I Am Not Sleeping Tonight

So. I wanted to write this very awesome post that I was writing in my mind’s eye.

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