Three Episode Rule – Lycoris Recoil – Episode 1: Easy Does It

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? Six or so months since my last post, which was my thoughts on the GuP Das Finale OVA 3. And my last actual anime series that I went and reviewed was Strike Witches: Road to Berlin.

I’ll probably talk about that at a later date. Or maybe not. But now is the first episode of a show I only knew a few days ago by a chance YouTube algorithm suggestion.

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Quick Thought: Girls und Panzer das Finale 3

It has been two years since the last installment of the GuP OVA. I was joking before that we’d have to wait until 2024 for the next episode, but it was released in March of last year and the BD/DVD release was on the 24th. Even with the long wait, I was glued to the edge of my seat as I watched it. I won’t be adding as many screenshots or doing an episode summary as I did before. I’m slightly under the weather. Not sure if it’s covids or some other malaise that will be listed as such.

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Well, That Was a Bit Hard.

So, the biggest trail test for the Frontier happened today, I took it up Flagpole Knob. I wasn’t fool enough to take it up the Union Springs side with the ridiculous step on the main trail that can’t be bypassed, but the path up from Switzer Lake had its own challenges for a newbie off roader on a completely stock truck with no off roading mods apart from what it came with the factory.

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No, I’ve Owned This for at Least Two Weeks

The question was asked of me by an unidentified driver of a Side-by-Side (SxS) UTV while I let them pass on the last leg of the Peters Mill OHV Trail. I had said about a week, which isn’t accurate.


But yes, I took my fully stock 2022 Nissan Frontier to a trail. Granted it isn’t a hard trail, but it’s no dirt road.

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Vacation 2021, Start!

My vacation starts, officially, on October 31st. But since I have Fri/Sat off, I decided to make a little day trip to Roanoke, Virginia. This was my first truly long trip on my new ride, a 2022 Nissan Frontier (Crew Cab SV, 4×4) and I got to say it’s done well. Posting pictures and videos.

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The More Things Change…

The more they stay the same.

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Activity Check – Aliens Elite Fireteam

Right, I am still alive. Just no real plans to blog any new series anytime soon. It’s what happens when you get promoted in your day job. Sometimes sleep is a priority over other things. Well, I did get sucked into a game that I try to play with friends when we are able to match schedules.


I’m enjoying this game. It’s what Aliens: Colonial Marines should’ve been, but wasn’t. Though I have been calling it The Division: Aliens.



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A Quick Update in My Life (5/25/2021)

I have tested negative the COVIDs and happy stuff is reopening.

I had surgery after an Emergency Room visit earlier in the year. Removed one of my adrenal glands which had a massive fatty growth. Five pokes, one larger than the others to pull it out.

Not had any of the vaccine due to surgery, then general sickness, and then pneumonia.


I’ve not seen any new anime except Yuru Camp S2.


Oh right, I got promoted. From cat to cat herder, junior grade. Only took me a few years.


I’ll try to post more, but for now, a game I played today.

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Strike Witches – Road to Berlin: Even Still I Want to Protect (Episode 12 – END)

I’m going to exaggerate and say that Yoshika has had more character growth in the last ten minutes of this episode than she did in the first two seasons of Strike Witches, but I’m not exactly off am I? Also this is going to be short, I guess? Also written initially on googledocs via my Christmas present to myself, a Galaxy Tab A7.


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Strike Witches: Road to Berlin – Road to Berlin (Episode 11)

And so, we get to episode 11 and the actual assault of Berlin itself. With the delays constantly pushing things back, Patton and Minna must do as told.

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