Gate – Episode Four: To Unknown Lands


Dealing with the effects of bringing along refugees, Itami finds little sources of rest with the inclusion of a cellphone tower in the special region. Meanwhile, I never saw the Panzerfaust 3 referred to that before reading and watching Gate.


Edit: And unlike other series, I am not writing out Gate’s long-ass full title on the top of blog posts.

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Three Episode Rule – Gate (Episode 3: The Fire Dragon)


On tonight’s episode of Gate: Jietai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri. The main female protagonists appear; Kurata is jealous of Itami; and the Komatsu Light Attack Vehicle does some evasive maneuvering.

Edit: I also wanna apologize for the overabundance of Rory Mercury screenshots. I have a friend who is a fan and wanted some nice shots.

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Three Episode Rule – Gate (Episode Two: The Two Armies)


And so we see a little of what other nations in the primary world are thinking, and what the empire in the other world is thinking.

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Three Episode Rule – Gate: The Self-Defense Forces Fight Like This in That Place (Episode 1)


Episode 1: The Self-Defense Force Goes to Another World

After a season of not blogging, I come back to my regular blogging posts with the anime adaptation of Takumi Yanai’s Light Novel series Gate: Jietai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri. And since I’ve written the full title out already, I’m gonna follow the internet and just call it Gate. Because holy crap it’s long. Also, this is my 200th Blog Post, way to celebrate it eh?

Full Disclosure: I’ve not read any translated versions of the Light Novels, nor have I read the manga that this series has. I’ll be totally blind until I actually do.

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Only Took Me a Year (and Six Months, Twenty Five Days)

One year, six months, and twenty-five days since logging in for the first time onto KanColle, and deciding to do a 555/555/555/555 build to clear the first crafting tutorial, I got to achieve one of my goals.



There was no doubt on who the Admiral wanted to marry.

Zuikaku looked out into the approaching dawn, her bow in hand and hair fluttering in the fresh ocean breeze. The Combat Fleet of the Fleet of Beyond Hopeless had sortied in the early morning to patrol the Orel Sea. Zuikaku was the flagship, with Hyuuga and Haruna in tow as escorts, they were bringing along Kinugasa and Souryuu out for the experience. Not that the carrier with hunter’s green hair could advance. Other fleets, other Zuikakus, had been maxed at the highest level possible. She meanwhile, would be left to stay in her level. All due to the stupidity of her admiral.

“Zuikaku, we’re approaching the first node.”

The carrier nodded, looking back at the speaker. Hyuuga was the Admiral’s second battleship, and she couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy as she remembered the time where the much more mature acting heavyweight was the flagship for the Admiral’s efforts in clearing world 2 and his first events. Until the Kongous showed up of course. She turned her head to the side and watched as the ashen haired fast battleship steamed at the rear of the formation.

“Line Ahead Formation, Hyuuga, we need eyes on the target.”

“Roger! Zuiun, go!”

Hyuuga lifted her flight deck shield. Unlike hers, or for that matter, Jun’you’s, Hyuuga and her sisters, alongside Mogami and her sisters, utilized shields that doubled as launchers. The seaplanes they launched were excellent scouts, though the Zuiun that Hyuuga just launched did well for attacking as well as her own planes. Hyuuga had one hand to her ear, waiting for a report from the Zuiun.

“Report! Heavy Cruiser Ri Kai, Torpedo Cruiser Chi, Light Cruiser To Elite, Light Cruiser He, a brace of Destroyer Ro class. Fits with Admiralty’s C-2 Node Setup.”

Zuikaku nodded, as she stepped to the side and Souryuu took her place beside her.

“1st Attack Squadron, begin launch!”

Both launched their first attack wave with well practice precision, and alongside a few fliers from Hyuuga, they settled back to their formation as the submarine in their force, U-511, dove down to launch her own preemtive attack.

“Good hits, our attack damaged the Chi and To, enemy flagship Ri Kai and one Ro sunk. Yuu’s attack severely damaged the He.”

“Let’s be about it.” Zuikaku said, as she led her fleet into the damaged enemy formation.

“Well pardon me for not being honest. Your set up wasn’t disastrous actually. It was beyond hopeless.”

Lorenzo sat in his office, mimicking the well known ‘Gendou pose’. The sun was just rising over the foothills of the mountainous realm that was his Guardian Office. He was based in Hittokappu Bay Anchorage, his office one of the myriad little spheres floating in the soft blue glow, connected by dotted leylines to the ‘world gate’. If one would peer beyond the horizon, past one’s own guardian office, one could see the other lines from other offices. Each Admiral could tailor their office to their own wishes and desires. Many prefer to leave it in the default world, one that had cool breezes and the people of the land that seemed less Japanese and more Russian.

Ooyodo stood near him, her ever present clipboard and quill at hand. She didn’t have her fitout on, and was watching her Admiral intently. She had been privvy to the ins and outs of the naval base since its inception a year and six months ago. The man behind the cloth covered desk was one prone to moods, especially from the various winds and opinions of his fellow admirals. His psychological profile was…colorful but he manages to keep it together. Sometimes. But she couldn’t help but feel like she needs to reach over and slap some sense into him.

A small box, covered in blue cloth was laid on top of an even more exquisite set of parchment. A soft white glow, tinged with golden rays from the sun that was rising steadily over the mountains of the Guardian Office, framed the parchment. A fountain pen was near the box and on top of the papers, and the whole arrangement was floating on a disc of pure white light, soft to the touch it would seem. Lorenzo was staring intently at it. Ooyodo averted her gaze slightly, knowing the mechanics of the world meant through hell or high water, she could not award him the rewards until he had cleared the quests he had chosen.

“I wonder how she’s doing.”

The last of the Abyssals were broken in the quick skirmish. They ran over them with speed befitting a freight train. Yuu was targeted, but only suffered slight scratches from the shinkaisei-kan’s attack. Haruna had been the real winner here, the thunderous crash of her zebra-stripped turrets the deciding factor in finishing off the enemy in a single volley. Souryuu seemed a little miffed but yuu and Kinugasa were crowding around her and hugging her. Zuikaku and Hyuuga merely smirked, knowing Haruna would just say…

“I’m just doing what is natural. Haruna doesn’t deserve such special treatment.”

“Well it’s because you took out the enemy in one good shot!”

“Alright, we need to head on.”

“The compass is pointing that way.”

“Up the central route?”


Zuikaku put the golden compass away. A fairy had shown them the way, and they sailed, stopping by two nodes on the way where they obtained some ammo and fuel. At the fuel node, Zuikaku took out the compass.

Your orders. Sail to Orel and pay another visit to the horned node.

She poked the side, and watched as the compass floated before her, a fairy with a little wizard’s cap and a wand spun it, the red arrow staying still as the base spun, before it stopped, leading them to the horned node. There was no squeaks of fear or murmurs, only determination. Especially from the level ninety-nine flagship carrier.

“As the Admiral often quotes, let’s be about it.”

Lorenzo tipped back on the chair, signing off on some appropriations paperwork. Ooyodo had finished the necessary work, and all he needed to do was sign it. Putting pen to paper, his signature was a mixture of block and cursive, large exaggerated L and R with tinier words for the rest of his name. He can’t help but underscore the signature with ‘Admiral, Fleet of Beyond Hopeless’. Putting the report on his outbox, he can’t help but look back at the name. The girls were naturally distressed, when in a fit of his moods, he had come to label the fleet as that. The harsh words of fellow teitoku due to his poor showing at one event had led him to spiral into depression and self loathing. Something he fellow teitoku had already known to ignore. Another though had given him a list, and told him to get started. Rather than rejecting it, Lorenzo had taken it to heart, leveling and bringing about much needed changes to his fleet. But still, he stuck with the name.

The opening stages were much the same, as Hyuuga reported back the finding of her scout.

“Fleet Carrier Wo Elite, Fleet Carrier Wo, Battleship Ru, a brace of Heavy Cruiser Ri, and a single Destroyer Ni.”

And much like the earlier node, Zuikaku, Souryuu, and Hyuuga launched their planes, only to be countered by the two enemy Wo class carriers. A terrific dogfight happened between the two fleets, but thanks to the Reppus and the fairies that piloted them, Combat Fleet of the Fleet of Beyond Hopeless encountered less torpedo bombers, and in a greater state of disarray, that led them to easily dodge the oncoming attacks. The abyssals though, not as lucky, with the one Ri class CA moderately damaged, the Ru class damaged and the Ni class destroyer sinking outright. Yuu’s preemtive strike took out the Ri class that had escaped the aerial phase.

“Close in, line ahead formation.”

“Scout plane reporting enemy formation location.”

“Tch…we’ll match em broadside to broadside then.”

The two lines sped towards together, neither side obtaining the advantageous ‘T-cross’. But it seemed the earlier attack had broken down the communications within the enemy force. Hyuuga managed to fire the first shot, sinking the damaged Ri. The Ru class battleship levelled her guns at Zuikaku, who danced at the shells aimed for her. Haruna responded in turn, her guns covering the Ru in explosions that obscured her from view before she reappeared, looking worse than she did before eating Haruna’s shells. Kinugasa followed it up by sinking the standard Wo in a double volley, before Zuikaku, steading herself after her evasive maneuvers, drew an arrow from her quiver. The auspicious crane notched the arrow onto the string and pulled, releasing it at the right moment. The plane-tipped arrow would burst into a squadron of dive bombers, headed straight for the Ru class Battleship. Her aim was true, the fairies in the planes following the guiding aim from Zuikaku, sunk the Ru.

In one final act of defiance against the stronger kanmusu, the remaining Wo launched an attack on Souryuu, resulting in some damage. Angered by this, Souryuu and Zuikaku launched a wave at the Wo. While the Wo managed to evade Zuikaku’s planes, she was damaged by Souryuu, before Hyuuga finished her off.

“Admiral Ruiz, they’re on their way back.”

Lorenzo looked up at Ooyodo, nodding pensively. Before he could say a word, Ooyodo continued.

“They encountered the enemy at 2-3C and at the horned node, coming out with clear S rank victories. U-511 and Souryuu are damaged.”

“I see.”

“Due to that, I acknowledge the completion of the quest.” She said, and in a flash of light, the papers appeared on his desk. Picking the ring up with some trepidation, he pocketed it in one of the many pockets of his khaki pants. Adjusting the heavy belt he wore that bore the weight of his pistol, he strode over to the coatrack and grabbed his cap. Unlike other admirals who stuck with the white or black IJN uniforms, he had opted instead to just borrow a set of BDUs. Saluting the men that were around doing various improvements around the naval base, he patted Akatsuki’s head, much to her annoyance, before heading out to the docks.

Peering out into the horizon, he waited until he could see Combat Fleet coming in. Support and both Expedition fleets were already out for their daily quests, and it seems the base’s stockpile is at least stable. Unlike other times, where he would normally just receive and acknowledge the return of a fleet from runners or Ooyodo, he was there to welcome the fleet home today.

Something that seemed, out of place for Zuikaku, seeing a slightly portly young man waiting behind the controls of a RHIB. Puzzled, the fleet lined up for their debriefing.

“Combat Fleet of the…the Fleet of Beyond Hopeless has arrived from Sortie, Admiral.” Zuikaku reported, saluting him. Lorenzo returned the salute and started up the engines of the RHIB.

“Dismissed, take a break, Souryuu head to the docks. Zuikaku, if you please, follow me?” He said, as he pushed off the dock and headed inland. Zuikaku followed as they made their way up river. The Fleet of Beyond Hopeless’ Guardian Office was set in a world sphere within the Hittokappu Bay Anchorage, again, one of many floating around and connected to ‘the world’. As discussed, the Admiral could shape his or her sphere to whatever he/she wanted, and many have. Lorenzo though, would push the boat up the river, with Zuikaku following suit. Soon, after rounding a bend on the river, all view of the base disappeared behind some pretty impressive mountains. Modelled after the banks of the Shenandoah River, the breeze was cool and inviting, the majesty of tree covered forests stretching before him. Zuikaku merely followed, knowing exactly where he was taking her.

“Hey, uh…teitoku…any reason we’re going to your fishing spot?”

“You’ll see in a bit. I intend to catch the biggest fish today.”


Zuikaku watched as he meanuevered near a floating pier. Cutting the engine and tying himself to it, he got out and walked to land, while she merely followed. They would walk a little bit to a clearing, where a small little one room cabin would be seen. Punching in the combinatiojn to a key locker on the side, Lorenzo opened the door to the cabin, finding the things inside still neat and orderly. Opening the door to the front patio, it provided a nice view of the river below them, and in the distance, the tops of the container cranes in the harbor.

“So…ah…what’s the menu today?” Zuiakaku asked, opening the cabinet which held the rids. A fly reel and a regular rod was inside, and she pulled out both and started to prep them. “Bass? Catfish?”

“I was thinking, turkey.”

“Turkey? You don’t say?” Zuikaku looked up at the Benelli shotgun over the fishing pole cabinet. “Wait…it’s not hunting season, stop joking!”

She turned to look at him, only to see his face a foot or so away from her.

“I’m not joking.”

“Wha…Admi-Lorenzo, what’s up? Do I have something on my face?”

Lorenzo pulled out the ring from his picket, the blue box hidden in his palm, as Zuikaku got extremely flustered and started to yammer away at needing personal space and his face being too close.

“I’ll do it in one condition.”


He pulled back, and presented the ring to the carrier that has been an integral part of his fleet, a part of his life, and one of the few things that kept him sane for one year, six months, and twenty five days.

“Marry me.”



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ITAR and the First Amendment

So, going around the various gun blogs and sites, the language posted in the International Traffic in Arms Regulation that the U.S. State Department is ‘clarifying’ threatens to silence gun owners. Why should everyone be worried about this? It’s an infringement on a group’s freedom of speech. As loving or hateful you see us gun owners, if there is no pushback of any kind past useless and idiotic hashtag activism, gun owners aren’t the only group that is often in the sights of authoritative bastards who have an agenda to fulfill and a beef to settle.

I told myself with my new job, I would refrain from posting political stuff. But this is regulation of a group of people’s speech. SOPA failed in Congress, this is just a baby-steps one disguised as legal mumbo jumbo meant to target gun owners, a group long-haired yuppies, sipping on their overly priced artisinal free-trade coffee in some college somewhere won’t ever care about. Until they realize the thing they’ve posted on Facebook would land them jail time.

“At first they came from the Gun Owners, and I did nothing. hickok45, MAC, FPSRussia and all those scary YouTubers and gun blogs were hauled away. Many were fined, some were jailed. But I didn’t care, it didn’t involve me.”

Read Miguel’s post, it is much more explanatory. But if not, I’m just gonna copy his summary, bolded and italicized for my emphasis:

Now, let me summarize the whole thing: According to the proposal by the State Department, basic information about common every day guns in the hands of millions of Americans that we have shared since the beginning of the Internet such as the proper care and maintenance of firearms, technical specifications of a firearm or a component or an accessory, reports on accuracy or reliability, etc cannot be posted in any form (written photos, videos, podcasts, etc) without prior consent by the Department of State.

Want to post pictures of your AR build? Illegal. Describe how to polish the trigger group of a Smith & Wesson revolver? Illegal. Your podcast about the proper maintenance of your .22LR silencer? Illegal. Article about the latest Plastic Fantastic gun? Illegal. Forum discussion: 1911 versus Glock? Illegal (and probably RICO violation to boot.) Post a comparison chart of the specification of several defense shotguns? Illegal……the list goes on and on and only tampered by what a Federal Judge, appointed by less-than-friendly to the Second Amendment Administrations may decide because you did not seek the blessing by some paper pusher in the State Department.

Are these proposed regulations a direct conflict with the First Amendment? Hell yes and in all probability and after years of slow litigation though the courts, it most likely be killed by SCOTUS. But until that happens, people will go to prison for violation of Federal Regulations and the muzzling down of our Right to freely speak about guns will be the law of the Land.

And remember, the Federal government does not have to go after every Gun Blog, Gun Podcast or Youtube Channel to be effective, they just have to target and silence those that are the most popular and the rest will exercise prior restraint.

Sound familiar? To me it reeks exactly of the criticism gamers get for supporting GamerGate. If they wanted to pass some revenge on that other group I support, if gun owners are complacent or defeated in this, they’ll just be another group, with the whims of a Federal bureaucrat asking one to step on their beliefs or be martyred for no reason. Miguel ends his post by quoting a fellow gun blogger, Sebastian from Shall Not Be Questioned:

This is very dire, friends. If this moves forward there is a very good chance I, and many of my other fellow bloggers, forum admins, and YouTubers will end up in federal prison while the Courts sort this out. Don’t ever let anyone ever tell you what these people want are “common sense” regulations. They are fascists. That is no longer arguable. There will be a lot of firearms enthusiasts serving prison time for essentially the same crime they would be charged with had they traveled to Iraq and sold plans for a thermonuclear weapon to ISIS. Fundamentally transformed!

This news has to spread far and wide if we’re going to stop this terrible thing. I’ve even put it on my personal Facebook that I only rarely use to post political stuff. People have to know about this.

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Feeling Accomplished

Still nothing new, anime wise from me. Taking a season off is kinda relaxing on that front.


Cleaned desktop properly for the first time in ages. Well two years. Broken exhaust fan, might be the source of the overheating problems I’ve had recently.


It’s nice to see idle temps come down from high sixties down to high thirties when I’m not using the thing.

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How To Force A Redirect To The Classic Editor Interface

Jusuchin (Military Otaku):


Originally posted on Diary of Dennis:

classic editor wordpress

The Solution To Use The Classic Editor

If you are blogger at, this post here will help you to solve a big problem. As you have noticed, the decision makers at WordPress want to force you to use the recent new editor interface that is purely designed for mobile devices and for users who only create short-form content. This is of course a pain if you are desktop user and if you like to create long-form content as well. In this post you will learn how to get back to the classic editor permanently.

In the new editor form, we had a link back to the classic editor but that link is now gone too. WordPress does not have the intention to give us the link back as you can read here in the forums. If you go through this huge forum thread, you will find out…

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Still Around!!

I’m around still. I did my first Kantai Collection event since starting out nearly a year and a half ago. Quite pleased at myself.

Just rather busy with my job. Took a lateral transfer so much busier but same pay. With no series to really tie me down on blogging, I’m not posting much. Should change upcoming summer season, I have two shows I plan on blogging.

Here be my videos of Spring 2015 Event:

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In which this ignorant ass redneck attempts to fisk one of them genius professorial types.

Jusuchin (Military Otaku):

I enjoyed this fisking, even more so than Larry’s, if only because of the accent. And the last bit, about needing a Patreon to live…

That was just too harsh of a burn.

Originally posted on Mars Is:

Now y’all I unnerstan I aint exactly the most edumacted of men. Hell I dropped clear outta school back in my junior year for to enter the workforce. Hell the only thing I got going fer me in the whole inter-lectual department is the fact that I like to read me a whole heap, mostly science fiction. And on account of the fact that I aint been too impressed with whats been coming out of that whole wirl-con what votes on the Hugo rewards the last few years or so I became a supporter of Mr Brad Torgersen’s Sad puppy 3 cam-pain. I figured if’n even a an ig-nint hill-william like myself could see that there was something wrong with them thar Hugo’s then the problem must be just as plain as day. However there appears to be a whole mess of people who seem to find the idea of…

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