Resurrecting an Old Thing

A month or so ago, stuck in the recurring doldrums that seems to plague me, a stiff breeze named boredom happened along. My muse, tired and burnt out from incessant demands to produce tepid blog posts of lackluster quality and editing, latched onto it and I decided to finally let a doodle go on.
This particular doodle was around the height of when I was on forum roleplaying and I was just one idiot in a place full of em. Well, to be fair, I still am, and this thing is proof I never really grew out of it.
What didn’t help was folks like Sumeragi and others on Skype let me run away with it and suddenly there’s this monstrosity. To call it a kitbash is to insult the term, and there have been times where I looked at the keyboard as I write this thing and realized I wasted 3 pages of a legal pad in just notes.
Welp, I’m somewhat content at what this turned out to be and to offset political stupidity on my Facebook, I shall add this actual stupidity. /o/
TL;DR: Jusu got bored one day and resurrected some RP thingy.

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Spectacular Airshow: Catching Up On Macross Delta (Part 1)

There were folks who were a bit surprised when I said Macross Delta wasn’t a show I was religiously following last season. Instead I watched a bit of Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress, blogged High School Fleet, and went gaga over Flying Witch. The episodes of Macross Delta merely gathered dust (figuratively) in my ‘Unsorted Episodes’ folder until now.

I thought about doing one big overarching ‘Quick Thought’ when I’ve finally caught up, but thought I’d break it down.

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Quick Thought: Flying Witch

While I was enamored with the plotbash that was High School Fleet, a series I was following in two or three episodes at a time managed to make my days off a little brighter. Flying Witch fulfils this year’s Mikakunin de Shinkoukei for me. Though rather than food porn, we are greeted with the utterly delectable scenery porn of Aomori prefecture.

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Situation Normal: Back’s All Fucked Up

Artist Unknown, found on Danbooru.

Artist Unknown, found on Danbooru.

So, this is gonna be a lesson for me in safe lifting techniques and whatnot.

My back is hurting quite badly, but thankfully x-rays indicate nothing out of the ordinary. Just a bunch of muscles deciding to hurt.

So to make it short. Nothing in Summer 2016 caught my eye, though there are some OVAs/Movies that I’ll be watching. I might do something, but so far, only Strike Witches will be what I’ll be blogging in Fall.

Meanwhile, a person I’m following on YouTube made this. I’m gonna rewatch a bunch of his stuff as well as the user Every Frame a Painting.


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High School Fleet (Haifuri) Episode 12: In a Pinch with the Last Battle!

That was an enjoyable ride, and as far as last episodes go, it wasn’t too bad. The battle was just as exciting as the others from earlier in the series, and it was a bit of a downer to know that this is the last we’ll see of the crew of the Yokosuka Maritime Girl’s Academy Harekaze.


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High School Fleet (Haifuri) Episode 11: In a Pinch with a Battleship’s Big Cannon!

We’ve now reached the penultimate episode (according to the wiki, Haifuri ends at 12 episodes), and it’s a bit more tense now that we’ve finally gotten to the actual conflict with Musashi. It was a fun ride, and I wonder if the ride will be gentle in letting us off, or kick us off from a moving train and onto the platform.


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Combined Post: Ships and Panzers

Subtitle: High School Fleet (Haifuri) Ep 10 + Track 5 & 6 of Girls und Panzer Drama CD5

A few things outside of my control pushed my hand to writing this combined post. Included is a quick summary of the episode (I tried!), my thoughts, and a quick rundown on the last two translated tracks from the Girls und Panzer Drama CD5. Episode 10’s title is called Happy at the Equator Festival.

Regular posts to resume next week.


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Quick Thought: Translated Girls und Panzer Drama CD5

So on my Facebook wall, friends started to post translated stuff from the fifth Girls und Panzer Drama CD. Translated by user Dàxīng Dàn on Vimeo, he/she did say they might be rough, but I thought it helped flesh out some little niggles and added more dimensions to the movie. Timeline wise, it’s set after the movie. So I thought I’d give some thought to it. Of the four translated dramas, I had the most fun with St. Gloriana’s drama, but went full on cringe with Chihatan. Anyways, my short little quick thought.

GuP Drama CD5

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High School Fleet (Haifuri) Episode 9: Mina in a Pinch!

Right after dealing with the wayward Hiei, the crew of the Harekaze prove they seem to be placed on a bracket way below their skillset as they now work as a team to take down their next prey. Each person has a skillset that in the real world would take some years to master, and even then, as ever, they bust out something that makes me go “hot damn”.

Fathers do not need to threaten any boys from these girls. These girls will end up doing it themselves if one could see their prowess.


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Movie Review: Girls und Panzer der Film


It has been awhile since we’ve joined our girls aboard the Ooarai School Carrier. In the three years, seven months, and roughly eighteen days it has been since that very first episode to the release of the movie on Blu-Ray and DVD, I’ve taken the focus of this blog from my random thoughts on politics, life, and food, and evolved into an episodic review format.

Here I was talking myself out from writing this post. I’ve done a movie review before, and that was a bit of a faff. But much like Strike Witches, I cannot in good conscience, leave this one be. I consider GuP to be one of the shows that started to define my early adult tastes. Away from the raaa raaa action and romances and more towards shows that I would like. That ‘fizz’ as James May would say.

Anyways, to the film. The summary is rather long, which explains my hesitance to do reviews of films, so as a change, I placed my thoughts on the film first.


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