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Just Another Food Post

Thanks to my parents for the budget. So I had some chicken left over. Boneless, skinless…and not really the type I can use with the recipes I know. So after obtaining a budget, I went to the local Latino/Asian/Middle-Eastern supermarket … Continue reading

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A New Season, Some Good Expectations?

So, with RC releasing their Fall 2013 Preview, it seems I’ll be looking into a few of the shows that strikes my fancy. I’ll only be blogging one series as a definite, and that’ll be Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio -Ars … Continue reading

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Lost Focus

It’s my days off. I had done what I can of the chores, my room is clean. I’ve done my walk around the neighborhood, etc etc. I sat down and started my marathon run on World of Tanks. This was … Continue reading

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On this day, 12 years ago.

I was in Mrs. Ward’s history class in 7th grade at Osmond Stone Middle School, thinking it was just another day. I had just moved to the United States, and my family was settling into our new home. I made … Continue reading

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Fly True! 105mm APCR!!!

So, I was a wee bit buzzed with some uninteresting concoction of coffee and Bushmills earlier. I was platooned with another WoT ASIA user who I’ve always wanted to have a Centurion 7/1 platoon with. Map was Sacred Valley, spawning … Continue reading

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Quick Thought: Yamato 2199

Going past the concern-troll from Canada that’s been hanging around lately, I’ve been meaning to write a massive, episode by episode series for Yamato 2199 like I did with GUP, complete with pictures.   Then I got lazy and just … Continue reading

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An Answer to the Ingnorant People on For-The-Record

Wow, what an ignorant person. Source: WoT and Girls und Panzer Cooperation in Japan   So, I decided to give my own response. Since I can highlight and whatnot here, the bolded parts are his, the italicized bits are mine. … Continue reading

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Amusement and Vindication

I’ve said last year, that we should not be disheartened. That we should regroup, reload, and reengage. I believe we as a movement, as a people. People who love the American ideal of working hard, of getting your fair share … Continue reading

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