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Quick Thought: Parenting and Today’s Generation

For context, read the comments on Miguel’s post here. Also read RU’s douche of the week entry on America’s Youth. Now, where was I. Oh right, parenting.

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Quick Thought: Food and Cooking

I think I’ve made it clear here and on facebook that I like to cook. I think it was because I wanted to be self-sufficient, and maybe a bit of my romantic side coming out and I think every guy … Continue reading

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Quick Thought: Stress and Stress Relief

So, I guess I should start things off with an apology. I screwed up slightly in SEA Server forums. I got a little annoyed at a friend talking about things we should’ve never really been arguing about. But I felt … Continue reading

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Quick Thought: Intro and First Title

When Facebook seems too stupid. And I need to vent a bit, I decided to start these little bites. Allows me to better come to head at what I feel at the moment. So first off. Stats, Unicum, and World … Continue reading

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LaRue and Top Gear

It is now 2055 EST, February 10th, 2013. I haven’t slept since…well 0200 of this morning. God what a day.

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A neophyte I am not, good sir. (Okay, maybe just a bit…or a whole lot)

So, Robert Kuntz over at Suburban Sheepdog shows how Col. Cooper’s legacy is not limited to just when your booker-hook pulls the bang-switch. To be fair I found the link through Miguel with this post. Something that has been drilled … Continue reading

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Tank Videos

Because I am a lazy person.  

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Food For Thought

So, Miguel over at Gun Free Zone posted screenshots of the anti-gunners and their response to the rally in New Hampshire by gun owners. The thing that caught my eye was a person named  John U—–, who said “I think … Continue reading

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